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Do Burglars Actually Pick Locks?
Do Burglars Actually Pick Locks?

Do Burglars Actually Pick Locks?

Do Burglars Actually Pick Locks?

Locking your door is not the ultimate in avoiding criminal break-ins. A criminal who has mastered lock picking can enter without breaking the door or window. 

Some argue that criminals use other straightforward ways to access a building instead of lock-picking. To substantiate this, a school of thought have tried to convince concerned people that burglars won't waste their time trying to pick a door open.

How true is that? We will find out.

Misconceptions Surrounding Lock Picking

There have been many misconceptions surrounding lock picking. While it can be a great survival skill when you lock yourself out of the house, criminals have also applied it during operations. Some people think such skills should not be encouraged as they can increase crime in society. 

The intent of lock picking was not for criminal activities from the beginning. People pick their locks just for fun which is called " Locksporting." Security professionals and lock sports pick locks for legitimate ventures. However, picking locks becomes illegal and criminal when someone is not authorized to access a lock.

History Behind Lock Picking

Lock-picking has been a significant concern between the late 1700s and 1800s. In the book "Lock and Safes" by Alfred Charles, he pointed out how criminals learned the art of lock picking from locksmith services who professionally open doors by lock-picking. 

While this was meant to enlighten people, rogues took advantage of the knowledge since they now knew all the security weaknesses of locks. Ironically, the wrong people made use of the knowledge. So in his book, Hobbs set out to educate ignorant people.

Example of a Lock-Picking Crime Case

The most notable lock-picking case ever handled is the Watergate Hotel scandal. The burglars broke into the office where a national committee meeting would take place to set up their surveillance equipment. They did this to get access to some vital information from the summit. 

It was a shocker when people realized they used a locksmith in Tucker, GA, Virgilio R. Gonzales, who knew the lock-picking skill. Their operation went well, and these criminals could pick the locks with the right tools without being caught.  

Other Burglary Methods Criminals Use

Lock picking is one of the ways that criminals use to open a lock. However, other methods are more accessible, faster, and require less expertise. At QuickPro Locksmith, we can help you improve your your security by upgrading the locks.

  • Unlocked Doors

It's essential always to lock your door to prevent criminals from getting in. While this looks simple, some people forget to close their doors, giving criminals easy access to rob them. When criminals see your door is open, they won't try to pick or pry it open.

  • Kicking

It requires kicking the door with force till it opens. The impact of ramming on the door causes the bolt to rip off after supplying one or two blows to the strike plates. 

  • Cutting

The next option is cutting when the criminal comes across a high-security door installation resistant to prying and kicking. The bolt is cut using a blade to reach in and manipulate the lock.


Do criminals actually pick locks? Yes, they do. With the right tools, criminals can pick your locks even without you knowing, as seen in past examples. However, it is advisable to use a high-security lock installation for your door that is tough to open.