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Fun Facts About Locks & Keys
Fun Facts About Locks & Keys

Fun Facts About Locks & Keys

Fun Facts About Locks & Keys

We all rely on locks and keys for the security of our vehicles, homes, and offices. Locks have enhanced our security for over 4000 years. However, to ensure effective security systems in residential and commercial buildings, people have relied on the skill sets and experience of service providers like QuickPro Locksmith. We provide reliable lock installation and key replacement services.

In this post, we will take a quick look at fun facts about locks and keys that you probably do not know.

Locks and Keys are Collectibles

History lovers are fond of collecting antiques and objects that they perceive have historical values. People also collect locks and keys that have historical values or have fascinating stories with them. If you are big on history, you can add historical locks and keys to your collectibles.

Locks Have Been Around for a Long Time

Contrary to the common assumptions that locks were invented more recently, the first set of locks dated as far back as 4000 years in Ancient Egypt. A lock that was discovered in a cave in Egypt was thought to be manufactured by the early Egyptians years ago.

Key Copying is a Fairly New Practice

If you think that key copying has been around for quite a long time, you might be mistaken. Key duplication began in the early 20th century. In the past, each key was manufactured to be unique.

Locks Were Initially Made From Woods

You might find it odd to believe but locks used to be made from woods. However, these kinds of locks quickly became extinct because they can be broken quite easily. Today, locks are made from durable metals. Thanks to the evolution in the security industry, you can install high-security locks to enhance the security and safety of your home and office.

Locksmithing is a Fascinating But Complex Industry

Contrary to popular assumptions, locksmiths have to go through rigorous training to master their crafts. A person who wants to be a locksmith would have to go through apprenticeship. Today, the locksmithing industry has professional organizations and certification programs that validate the skillset of any locksmith. Locksmiths also have to keep up with technology trends to expand their knowledge about modern locks and security technologies.

Any Key Can be Duplicated

A skilled locksmith can copy any kind of key. If a locksmith designed the key, another locksmith can copy it. This highlights the level of knowledge and experience required by the locksmithing industry.

Birds Can Pic Locks

Several years ago, BBC reported about a parrot that picked two locks in an attempted car escape. This suggests that we need to keep a close watch on those amazing creatures when they come close to our locks.

Key Replacement and Lock Repairs Should Be Done By Professionals

If you have a problem with your lock, you should contact a locksmith for repairs. Attempting to repair your lock yourself could further damage the lock. Lock repairs and key replacement requires a level of skillset, tools, and experience you can only find in a locksmith.

Do you have an issue with your lock or key? Contact QuickPro Locksmith today. Our services are tailored to protect you and your family from burglars and intruders.