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How To Keep My Car Keys From Being Hacked
How To Keep My Car Keys From Being Hacked

How To Keep My Car Keys From Being Hacked

How To Keep My Car Keys From Being Hacked

Cars play an integral role in our daily lives. Most people rely on automobiles to carry out their day-to-day activities and any security compromise could affect other parts of our lives. Unfortunately, the problem with modern vehicles is that they can be hacked by criminals. Hence, allowing them to access personal data like bank account details and credit or debit card information.

If your key fob won’t work, you may have to troubleshoot your lock or the key fob itself to identify the underlying problem. This step would usually require the skillset and know-how of a locksmith.  Afterward, depending on the diagnosis, you may need to repair your key fob or request for car key replacement.

In this post, QuickPro Locksmith will give you some tips that’ll help to protect your car keys from being hacked.

What is Car Key Hacking?

Two obvious benefits of modern key fobs are convenience and enhanced security. However, key fobs, like every modern technology can be vulnerable to several risks with its most obvious threat being car key hacking. What is car key hacking?

Key fob hacking occurs when anyone illegally bypasses the security and access systems of your key fob to access your car without having any form of physical contact with it.

Now that you know what key hacking is, you need to know how it works and how you can protect your car from this criminal activity.

How Does Car Key Hacking Work?

Car key hackers use advanced tech kits to relay signals through car keys to gain access to targeted vehicles. Once this is done, they wait for you to press your key fob buttons to complete the hacking process. Once you do, you will not notice anything different, however, the hacking process has been completed.

One of the thieves would stay close enough to your key fob to relay the signals emitted from your car key to the other thief who has a device that would send those signals to your vehicle. After that, the criminals can drive off with your car without drawing unwanted attention.

How to Prevent Key Fob Stalking?

Since car key hackers only need to come close to your key fob to hack it, you need to take preventive measures to protect your key fob signal. However, you should know that key fob signal protection can be tricky since there is a huge chance that your key fob is actively relaying signals at all times. Here are a few things you can do to protect your car key fob signal:

  • Always place your key fob in a wallet or signal blocker when not in use. Signal blockers are designed to prevent your key fob signals from getting out of the cage.
  • Alternatively, you can put your keys in a microwave.
  • Find out if your key fob has a passive mode feature. This feature turns off the signals of your key fob whenever it is idle.
  • Reprogram your key fob often. Although this process does not stop your key fob from relaying signals, it makes hacking more difficult for criminals.

Final Thoughts

Worried about having your key fob hacked? Contact QuickPro Locksmith for more help and services that is best suited to your needs.