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Hotel Security Tips

Hotel Security Tips

The holiday travel season is approaching, and people are confirming bookings in different hotels across the world, you need to be aware of certain security risks because a hotel is a public place. QuickPro Locksmith could provide extra security for your valuable items, just before you embark on a long vacation. 

On arrival 

Be conversant with the hotel surrounding once you arrived. Check if you can move around the neighborhood without fear. Check if the hotel has an arrangement for public transport and even escorts to certain locations such as the closest taxi stand. 

The Checking in

The way the front desk staff handles your check-in is very important. If cameras zoom in when they enter your credit card information, then you should consider paying through other methods. Check whether someone else is listening when they give your room information and request for a new room if the staff is loud when announcing the details of your hotel room. Potential thieves may be listening to your room information when it is being announced to you. 

Stepping into your room

The main door is the easiest way to keep someone in or out of your room, hence you must automatically lock the deadbolt and extra chain, once you enter your room. You may also want to consider getting an extra door stop that can be wedged under the door or even get a motion detector for the door handle but not all hotels will give you all these. 

The sliding doors and windows must be locked especially when you get out of the room. Make sure you use the tag “do not disturb” by the door occasionally, and do not open the door when someone comes to the door as a staff- he or she could be an intruder. If you need any assistance, make sure you contact the front desk.

Protecting and storing your valuable items

Most hotels will give you a small safe inside the closest but be careful because such safes may come with some generic code sets that can be used by some staffs. Make sure you bring your own luggage locks when traveling, especially the one that allows you to latch your luggage to an immovable object or a combination lock that comes with zippered pockets. For other items such as cash travel documents and passport holders, make sure you get a wearable item that can tightly stay around your neck or waist. Contact QuickPro Locksmith for an ideal durable luggage lock for travelers. 

When going out

You must be aware of the happenings around you, especially when going out. Make sure you keep the hotel address safely with you at all times. Though the hotel will provide you with information on restaurants, and stores, make sure you know of a key landmark or street name to your hotel because there might be more than one bearing the same name. Do not give out personal information to strangers. 

For more information on safety locks for travel purposes, please contact QuickPro Locksmith.