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Is Your House Prepared for Winter?

Is Your House Prepared for Winter?

According to recent weather forecasts, the entire Northern region of the country will be worst hit by the coming winter storms. The bitter cold will surely cause destructions on several elements of the home, and this could be the ideal time to be prepared by contacting expert technicians at QuickPro Locksmith for maintenance, inspection and repairs.

Tips for preparing your home for winter

Most homes do have a central heating system, but the door frames and windows usually become the weakest spots for the cold to get into the home. Wooden frames are undesirable because they shrink and expand, depending on the temperature changes.  Make sure weather stripping is installed around the doors and windows, and caulk must be applied in the wall gaps and floorboards. Add a tarp or an extra insulation layer on extra-thin doors or windows and replace screen doors with storm windows. 

Make sure the outside gutters and pipes are cleaned before winter and regulate the home’s thermostat to keep the home at a constant temperature. Make sure you check the tree limbs that are close to your home because the weight of snow can cause the branch of trees to fall through your windows and cause serious damage in your home. 

Tips for preparing your car for winter

The internal heat in your car may not prevent certain problems, during winter, especially when temperatures fall below freezing in the night. Common winter problems include the frozen locks, heavy ice on windshields, and frozen engine fluids. 

Make sure the liquids in the car are of the proper ration to prevent them from freezing during winter. Make sure there is a way to clear your car windows, this could be windshield wiper fluid to maintain great visibility. Make sure you invest in snow tires if your car is not a 4-wheel drive, cover the metal car door locks with magnet overnight or coat them with petroleum jelly. If the lock is already frozen, spray them with deicer, but make sure the deicer is not water-based. Water-based deicers can be counter-productive on the door locks. Make sure your gas level does not become empty and the reason being that gasoline can expand in winter, you want to make sure you fill up your tank constantly. 

Contact QuickPro Locksmith in case of winter emergencies

Loss of power can be the biggest problem during winter. Lack of power means, no heat, and refrigeration. Make sure you keep emergency kits in your home or car before winter. Winter kits include; candles, flashlights, radio, energy-rich snacks, blankets, bottled water and deicers for frozen locks on the cars and home doors. If you have plumbing problems, do not hesitate to contact QuickPro Locksmith.

The winter season brings lots of great memories, most especially the vacations, school holidays, and family reunions. If your door or car locks have developed problems during winter, please contact QuickPro Locksmith and we will dispatch a technician to fix the problem at the most cost-competitive rates and guaranty.