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How a Deadbolt Can Improve Security
How a Deadbolt Can Improve Security

How a Deadbolt Can Improve Security

How a Deadbolt Can Improve Security

Protecting your home is critical to ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Nonetheless, the cheapest and smartest way of achieving basic home security is the installation of deadbolts.

So, come on, let us look at the many advantages of using a deadbolt lock.

What Makes Deadbolt Stand Out?

  • Resistance to Forced Entry

The strength of materials and design makes deadbolts resistant to forced entry methods such as lock picking, bumping, and drilling. That is why tempering or breaking a deadbolt is very difficult.

  • Mechanical Strength

Deadbolts are distinguished by outstanding physical strength and mechanical qualities. As opposed to regular spring-loaded locks, deadbolts are composed of a solid metal bolt that reaches through the door frame into great depths. Thus they provide much more security against burglars than other lock types.

  • Versatility and Compatibility

Deadbolts are adaptable and they suit various door materials and designs. Regardless of the type of door, a corresponding deadbolt is available to satisfy specific functional requirements. The versatility of deadbolts has made it a relevant option for homeowners who are looking to increase their level of security while still maintaining aesthetics.

  • Why Deadbolts are Highly Effective

A deadbolt lock is reinforced with a robust steel bolt that, in the extended position, protrudes through both metal strike plates and willful door jams from within the frame. This design increases the strength of the deadbolt, which makes it resist very strong kicks or attempts to pry. Unlike a simple locking door handle that can easily be forced open, deadbolts offer additional security.

Plus, deadbolts are reputed for safety. Unlike electronic security systems, a high-quality deadbolt can last for decades and offers the possibility to be rekeyed. 

Different Types of Deadbolts

There are a variety of deadbolt locks that suit different security requirements. Here's an overview of popular types:

  • Single-Cylinder Deadbolts: It is the most basic and commonly used. It can be installed easily and gives reliable safety.
  • Double-Cylinder Deadbolts: These locks, raising security, require a key on both sides. It is more difficult to pick, and there is no necessity to leave a key in the lock. However, the installation can be more challenging and a possible obstacle in case of emergency when keys are lost.
  • Keyless Deadbolts: The peak of convenience and safety, code-entry keyless deadbolts prevent any loss of the keys. It is a great option for heightened peace of mind. If you have the earlier versions, call a professional locksmith for a deadbolt replacement service.

Selecting the Appropriate Deadbolt

Most homeowners and businesses will choose to use single-cylinder deadbolts. Commercial property owners usually choose double-cylinder deadbolts that require a key for locking and unlocking both sides of the door. In offices, such as in retail stores and manufacturing companies, double-cylinder deadbolts are frequently installed.


By installing a deadbolt lock, you will enjoy the benefits of having a sturdy and highly resistive lock on your door. In the meantime, it is good to upgrade your existing door locks to a high-quality deadbolt and improve security. Reach out to QuickPro Locksmith for professional guidance on a suitable deadbolt for your home or business. Our locksmith is committed to protecting your home and business entrances. So, get in touch with us today for a deadbolt replacement to ensure your property’s security.