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How to Keep Your Commercial Property Secure
How to Keep Your Commercial Property Secure

How to Keep Your Commercial Property Secure

How to Keep Your Commercial Property Secure

Security is a significant concern for commercial properties. Business activities and transactions cannot proceed in an insecure environment. Some businesses operate around the clock, which means, they need to implement advanced security measures to protect their employees and property.

Whether it is an office building or a residential block of apartments, safeguarding your commercial property matters. Failure to pay attention to security compromises your commercial property, tenants, and overall welfare.

In this article, QuickPro Locksmith offers tips to help keep your commercial property secured.

Put Up Additional Deadbolts 

With many sets of keys around, an additional deadlock ensures that only those possessing the key can gain entry into a building after closing hours. At that time, there could be multiple circulating keys and the exterior doors can only be accessed by those with the deadbolt lock keys. This offers even more protection, especially on weekends when no one is around in the building.

Install Monitored Alarm Systems

Other than cameras and access controls, a monitored alarm system notifies you as well as authorities about any suspicious activity. It can make alarms on broken windows or doors so that any intruder can be deterred and the occupants will be notified.

Perform Routine Inspections

Promptly repair any security problems like broken doors, windows, or the roof. Remind employees of safety protocols and report suspected threats. Stay alert by keeping in contact with close businesses to know if they have ever undergone break-ins or any kinds of security threats.

Establish Clear Policies and Procedures for your Building Security

Establish a “clean desk” policy for sensitive information, chain of possession rules concerning deliveries, and consistent identification policies where staff must wear ID passes at all times. These measures support a holistic strategy for commercial building security.

Enhance Security at Entry Points

Determine possible weaknesses and improve security mechanisms. Construct doors and windows stronger, and place good locks on them. Make sure that they are permanently closed and locked up when no one is around the premises.

Rekey Locks Post-Employee Changes

If there are changes in employees, then it is better to opt for rekeying locks rather than replacing them which would not only save you time but also reduce costs. Without using a key, only authorized personnel will be able to have access to entrance locks that were used in changes for sensitive material transportation or storage.

Implement CCTV and Alarm Systems

It is essential to secure your business with basic CCTV coverage. Having them installed will act as a deterrent that can aid in identifying an intruder. Choose an alarm system proportional to your building space and also make sure that the access codes are regularly updated for added security.


At QuickPro Locksmith, our team is always ready to deal with issues concerning commercial locks and keys. Commercial property owners and rentals are part of our concern as we take a keen interest in sorting out their security problems. Do you need the service of our commercial locksmith? Then, contact us today and we will have a reliable locksmith available right away.