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How Much Does It Cost to Rekey a House?
How Much Does It Cost to Rekey a House?

How Much Does It Cost to Rekey a House?

How Much Does It Cost to Rekey a House?

Have you recently moved into a new home or you are uncomfortable with your home security system? Perhaps your relationship is about hitting the rocks and you want access restriction! Then, lock rekeying could be the solution.

Whatever the case, getting a new key is essential for your security, and one of the cheapest and easiest routes to go is rekeying. In this article, we will consider how much it will cost to get a rekey service. Read through to find out.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying is simply the process of altering the locking mechanism of a lock so that a new key is used to access it. This means that you only need to change the working of the old lock to match a new key. All you need is to change the tumblers and pins inside. Again, it still has the same result as removing the entire locks and installing a new one.

Replacement, on the other hand, means changing the whole lock hardware with a new one. You are still maintaining your security if you change the locking mechanism to a more secure one. Rekeying is an easy process that takes a few minutes for Quickpro Locksmith to do and, of course, with the right tools. Having trained technicians on the ground, you will get a new key at an affordable price.

What is The Average Cost to Rekey Locks?

The cost of rekeying locks varies depending on different factors. But on average, a reliable locksmith could charge an average of $20 to 40 to rekey a single lock. Also on average, you could spend $100 to $200 to rekey a whole building.

Average Cost of Lock Replacement.

Expect to spend $80 to $100 to replace a new lock, which may be hourly. Just like rekeying, factors such as lock type, quantity, time, and more can influence the price of lock replacement from each service provider.

Benefits of having a Locksmith Rekey Your Locks

Quality Service: With the assistance of a skilled locksmith, you are sure to get top-quality services. The screws with be tightened and the pins aligned correctly to work with the new keys.


Regardless of rekeying costs, it is cheaper than replacing the locks entirely. You will still have a new key and improved security.

Improved Security:

If you have lost your key or someone stole it, you want to rekey the locks for security reasons. After the rekeying process, you will regain control of your home or business security.

Help is a Call Away!

From the facts above, if you are working on a budget but need a new set of keys. It will only cost a little compared to replacing the entire house locks.

Do you need to rekey your house or office? QuickPro Locksmith is available to offer such services at an affordable rate. We have capable locksmiths with the right tools to make new keys match your old locks. We will also make copies of your new keys so you have a spare to fall back on if you lose it. To kick start your house rekeying process, send us a quick message now.