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How to Program Car Keys in 2023?
How to Program Car Keys in 2023?

How to Program Car Keys in 2023?

How to Program Car Keys in 2023?

Dealing with lost car keys could be frustrating, to say the least! It is even worse when you have an important appointment to meet. However, thanks to technological enhancement. Now, you mostly do not need the physical keys to gain access. You can conveniently use the key fob for access control and security enhancement.

But most car owners keep wondering whether taking the DIY route for key fob programming is safe and possible! We will answer most of those questions in this article. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Key Programming?

Straight up, car key reprogramming involves getting a new key and programming a blank chip to match the settings of your vehicle. Now, the new car key can start the car just like the old one.

Can You Reprogram the Car Key Yourself?

Yes, DIY fob programming is possible. However, we do not recommend reprogramming your car key yourself, even though many guides online say you can, but this will depend on the brand and the country.

On the flip side, being unable to reprogram a key is advantageous because it means others cannot reprogram the key and access your vehicle illegally. This is why self-key reprogramming is not encouraged. Instead, it should be done by a professional locksmith. 

Who Should Program Your Car Keys

If you need a key replacement, locksmith service providers are accessible in most locations. You shouldn't patronize any locksmith company but one with the know-how in car key programming. At Quickpro Locksmith, we specialize in key fob programming, reprogramming keys, key fob repairs, and cutting new transponder keys.

We have the required tools that we will use to reprogram the chips such that the new key will match the car perfectly. We understand that programming is a bit complex, but with a professional locksmith, you can get the job done quickly rather than doing it yourself. 

How Long Should You Wait to Get a New Key?

The turnaround time for fob car key programming can vary. Modern cars have complicated security systems which could extend the reprogramming time. While traditional brands are easier to reprogram, some brands require a unique code and equipment to get the job done.

Process for programming car key fob

  • Insert the key into the ignition and move it to the "On" position. Remember that the engine remains off
  • Allow the key to sit for 10 minutes and about 30 seconds
  • Turn the key to the "Off" position
  • Do this two to three times
  • Move the key to the right and leave it in the "On" position
  • You have successfully reprogrammed the key
  • Insert the key to see if it's working by turning on the ignition


Reprogramming transponder keys or flip keys is possible with the right tools. At Quickpro Locksmith, you can trust us with all your car key replacement needs.

To speed up the process, we have the pin codes from various car manufacturers to ensure a distinctive programming process. We are ready to serve you, call us today.