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How Secure Are Lockboxes?
How Secure Are Lockboxes?

How Secure Are Lockboxes?

How Secure Are Lockboxes?

Lockboxes have been marketed to realtors and Airbnb homeowners as a safe and convenient option to allow multiple access into the home, especially during construction and home showcasing. In this article, we will explore the safety of lockboxes. Are they secure as manufacturers advertise?

What is a Lockbox?

A lockbox is a small box often fixed on the doorknob and railings. The box usually contains keys to the front door and other important parts of the home. Realtors often use a lockbox when there is a need for multiple people to access their property. Lockbox has proven effective in granting access to multiple people since anyone can open it with the right code.

Are Lockboxes Safe?

Lockboxes are not the safest thing to purchase because of a few reasons. First, a lockbox requires a code to access the key, and peradventure the code falls into the wrong hands, your home stands a chance of being burgled. Also, Airbnb hosts need to constantly change the code whenever individual leaves to eliminate the chances of the person returning to have unauthorized access. However, newer lockboxes, also known as digital lockboxes, have the option to set codes that automatically expire after a given period. You can also create multiple codes with a digital lockbox.

Another factor to consider is picking. Burglars are smart criminals that can easily pick a lockbox or even break it open. A lockbox doesn’t have the strongest material, so anyone can forcefully open it. However, lockboxes have recently seen great improvements in the materials being used. 

Advantages of a Lockbox

You may wonder, if a lockbox is not that safe, why do realtors still use them? Well, a lockbox has its own advantages that one cannot easily overlook. So let’s take a quick look. 


The first glaring advantage is that a lockbox makes access easy, especially for realtors. You don’t have to be around for people to check out your homes. Instead, people interested in taking a quick look can easily access your lockbox and gain access into the house, making life easier for you. The same applies to Airbnb hosts that are not usually around or own a different property for the business.

Ease of Use 

Another thing to consider is the simple mechanism of a lockbox. Nobody needs a degree to understand a lock box’s mechanism, making it ideal for everyone. All you need to do is tell anyone who wants to access your property the lockbox code. They can input the code and access your home, making it an ideal tool for landlords, realtors, and Airbnb hosts. 


Lockboxes are generally affordable and common to get. Compared to other alternatives like getting a smart lock, a lockbox can serve the same purpose without breaking the bank, making it the easiest option for realtors and landlords.

In conclusion, getting a lockbox offers convenience and ease of use, but it is not the safest tool to keep your home keys, especially in an unsafe area. The best alternative is to get a smart lock that offers better advantages for higher security. If you have any lock-related services, do not hesitate to contact QuickPro Locksmith for a professional and affordable service.