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How to Avoid Robbery and Stay Safe
How to Avoid Robbery and Stay Safe

How to Avoid Robbery and Stay Safe

How to Avoid Robbery and Stay Safe

Having an unsightly barbed wire fence is a good idea to keep out burglars but it might be expensive for the average earner.

However, there are other easy ways to avoid robbery and stay safe all year round. In the first place, you need to start thinking like a burglar – yes, think about the vulnerabilities of your home security and what you’re possibly doing wrong.

Burglars don’t just attack homes; they gather as much information as possible to identify loopholes in your homes security system before breaking in. These are some of the things that attract burglars and make your home a potential target.

  • Existence of old locks that can be picked easily
  • Outdated window frames
  • Overgrown trees, shrubs bushes in your yard – burglars love to operate under the radar
  • Pricey looking toys used by your kids during the holidays
  • Mail build up – showing thieves that you might be on vacation
  • Homes located at a reserved and conservative neighborhood
  • Transparent windows and expensing interior décor 
  • Weak security system and carelessness of the inhabitants

The above list is not exhaustive but goes a long way to show that most times, we make ourselves vulnerable to thieves and burglars.

So these are tips to keep your home safe and outsmart thieves in your neighborhood 

Install a smart lock and reinforce your door jambs

Automating your home security by installing a smart lock will save you from becoming a victim to burglars. They are mostly scared of homes that appear to have home security systems that are monitored by the homeowner. Call local certified locksmith at QuickPro Locksmith for affordable options of smart locks and home security systems for your peace of mind.

If you can’t afford the installation of smart locks, then make do with deadbolts; it can be very useful in scaring the intruders away.

Install cameras and make them visible

As a follow up to the above, surveillance cameras are also part of an automated home security system. The solution is to make it visible so they wouldn’t attempt breaking into your home.

However, installing a dummy camera is a good idea for those who can’t afford the real deal.

Set timers for your TV and Radio

Make it look as if someone is at home by timing your TV and radio to be on in the afternoon and also at nights (if you’re on vacation).

Experts have discovered that loud sounds are one of the ways to scare thieve away.

Keep an extra car in the driveway

Having a car in the driveway is a good deterrent to thieves. They’d check out the next house thinking that someone is indoors.

But do not allow your landscape to look untidy or they will discover your tricks. Always keep the landscape neat and trimmed when a car is parked on the driveway. You can engage someone to do this but don’t let the person know you’re out of town.

Install light timers

Illuminating your yard is a sure-fire method for scaring them away because it will eliminate those places burglars can hide.

Lastly, stop making your itinerary public on social media. However, if you want to upgrade the security of your home, do not hesitate to call experts at QuickPro Locksmith.