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How to Evaluate a Safe
How to Evaluate a Safe

How to Evaluate a Safe

How to Evaluate a Safe

Are you planning to get a safe to keep your valuables? It is important that you read certain considerations that will help you make the right choice. Please contact QuickPro Locksmith for the most reliable safes.

Is the Safe Large Enough?

At the beginning of choosing a safe, you may be thinking you need a safe to take care of a few valuables, over time, you will eventually want to keep more valuable items. From your birth certificate to travel passport, titles of vehicles, kids’ medical records, and marriage license are just a few documents that may require more time and resources to replace. As your family grows, you will surely want to keep many items to hand down to your children.

When you plan to purchase a safe you must consider what you will store in presently and what will go in, in the future. 

How Will the Safe Hold Up in Fire Emergencies?

There are varying fire ratings for safes, as a future safe owner, you should be aware of how well a safe will resist fire, heat, and flames. You want to purchase a safe that will hold against fire for as long as possible, though the hope you have is that the fire will be put out before it causes serious damage to your valuables. 

Safes are normally subjected to fire endurance tests before they are classified based on fire resistance capabilities. A Class E safe for instance can resist up to 1550 °F temperature of the fire, a class A safe will be able to resist up to 2000°F temperature of the fire. A class A safe is also the most ideal when it comes to fire resistance because it can resist 2000 °F up to 4 hours. You may want to talk to us at QuickPro Locksmith for more information on fire ratings for safes and schedule safe opening or installation if needed. 

Is the Safe Resistant Against Tampering?

The safe you want to choose must be tamper-safe to ensure that your valuables don’t end up in the hands of thieves. The tamper-resistant features of a safe should include the type of lock installed, the type of lock construction and the level of difficulty in picking the locks or detecting the codes. You will naturally need a well-designed and heavy-duty secure safe for your own peace of mind. 

Does the Safe Offers Other Security Features?

You may want to consider several other features such as water resistance, free-standing or mountable feature, the warranty length and type, battery-operated or battery-free, and affordability. You should contact us at QuickPro Locksmith for clarity on these special features and how they can benefit you. 

Not all these points highlighted may be very important to you but they will surely give you an idea of what to look out for in a safe. At QuickPro Locksmith, we provide guidance on how you can get the most from the safe you choose for yourself. 

If you have a safe that has become faulty, please contact us at QuickPro Locksmith service and we will help you get an upgrade and a fix.