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How to Install a Door Lock
How to Install a Door Lock

How to Install a Door Lock

How to Install a Door Lock

Installing a new doorknob or locks is a sure way to upgrade the security of your home as well as its curb appeal

Here are all the steps needed to install a door lock or to replace the old door lock with a new one. Below are some of the tools that you may need to fix your door lock:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Measuring equipment like the tape and ruler
  • A new deadbolt lock or batteries for electronic door lock
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Drill and drill bits of both 1/8 inch and a 1 inch
  • A chisel and a hammer
  • A dust mask and safety glasses

Necessary Steps to Install Your Door Lock

Below are the steps you need to consider when installing your door lock

Take required measurement 

Measure the diameter of the current holes of your old lock. Correct measurements will easy your selection of a new door lock that does not only fit well with the holes but also matches the size of your door. Select a lock with the same ‘setback’. That is the distance from the centre of the hole to the edge of the door. In most cases, they are always 2 3/8 inches or 2 ¾ inches.  

Replace the Latch 

If you wish to install your door lock on a latch, there are three types of latches that you may want to consider.

  • The drive-in latches
  • The rounded corner faceplate
  • The square corner faceplate

If the door lock you want to install is similar to the old one you removed, you may not necessarily create a new latch because the old one will work too. 

Install the Door Knob

Install the doorknob by sliding the spindle (long metal piece sticking out of the knob exterior) through the slot of the latch. Tighten the two long screws of the knob into the cylinder on the exterior knob. Test your doorknob by turning it left and right as well as the latch alignment by opening and closing the door.

Install the New Deadbolt

At the opening on the edge of the door, insert the new bolt and fasten it to the door with the screws that comes with it. And if what you have are a deadbolt with an interior plate and a decorative outer plate and a recessed screw, place the interior plate over the hole from the inside. With your screwdriver, attach the interior part of the deadbolt lock by screwing through the interior plate and the two screw holes in the bolt into the exterior part of the lock. Consult the installation guide for your specific lock if your new deadbolt has a concealed screw for the interior knob.

Troubleshoot and Install Your Strike Plate

Test the deadbolt to make sure it's properly working such that the hole in the door jamb is deep enough for the entire bolt. And install the strike plate. When the hole in the door jamb is not deep enough, chisel out more wood until its deep enough and attach the strike plate again.

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