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How to Get Into a Locked Car?
How to Get Into a Locked Car?

How to Get Into a Locked Car?

How to Get Into a Locked Car?

These days, it’s pretty easy to get locked out of a car because of the pressure we face daily and the need to meet up with our financial obligations. If you are locked out of your car without a spare handy, you may get confused and frustrated. So how do you get out of such a precarious situation? Here are practical tips that will help you regain access to your car.

Do Not Smash One of Your Windows!

As frustrating as the situation might be, do not get furious or take extreme measures at smashing your front window. There will be a lot of consequences of breaking a window just to retrieve the key. The tempered glass will shatter into thousands of pieces and you might sustain an injury. More so, you will incur some expense of replacing the window. What about the passers-by? They might get agitated and call the police, thinking you are a petty thief who wants to gain entry into the car. Take a deep breath, relax, and consider the next option.

Try the Hanger Method

With a thin wire coat hanger and a plier, you can use this method to open your door. Use the plier to bend one end of the hanger while the other end is straight. You will slide the bended end through the weather-stripping in the window. Then move it around to catch the control arm and pull it up. The door will open automatically. However, this method is only effective in the older car models.

Unlock the Car Door Using a Shoelace

Just like the hanger method, it is possible to use your shoelace to open the doors of older cars with manual locks. Sounds ridiculous, right? Bring out one of your shoelaces and tie a slipknot to create a loop in the middle. From the right corner of the driver’s side, put the loop inside the seam. Try to wiggle it to catch up with the lock, tighten and pull it to open the door. Other options to unlock the doors of older car models are the bobby pin and inflatable window wedge. Though these methods could be tricky, but they can work perfectly when you do it the right way.

Call the Police if it is an Emergency

We consider a lockout incident as an emergency when a child or a pet is locked inside. Dial 911 immediately and provide all information about your location, the car model and age of the child. The police will arrive more quickly to assist open the door than a roadside assistance or locksmith. You should not waste time trying many options when it is a high-risk scenario because lives are involved.

Contact a Professional Locksmith

Relying on the services of a locksmith is your best bet when it is not a high-risk scenario (you didn't lock a child or a pet inside). Most times, you might not have access to a hanger or shoelaces to open the door. And remember, you cannot manoeuvre modern car doors with shoelaces, hangers, or bobby pins. A mobile locksmith from QuickPro Locksmith will arrive as fast as possible to provide lockout services. Call us today.