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How to Handle Losing Your Keys
How to Handle Losing Your Keys

How to Handle Losing Your Keys

How to Handle Losing Your Keys

Getting locked out of homes or cars is more common than you think. This experience becomes more frustrating when you have no spare keys available. Then, what should you do?

Most people in this situation enter panic mode while others try the DIY approach in hopes of salvaging the situation. However, attempting to force your way into your home or car without the right tools or skills may damage your lock completely. Hence making the situation worse than it already is.

The most appropriate way to handle losing your keys depends heavily on the kind of key you lost. The way to handle losing a car key is quite different from how you would handle losing a home key. However, the common theme between both solutions is that you do not have to break your locks or windows to regain access into your property or vehicle. Before we dive into details, it is good to know that contacting a professional locksmith QuickPro Locksmith for rekeying service is the most preferable and most effective solution.

Here are some tips to help you deal with losing your keys depending on the kind of lock and key you are dealing with:

Losing Car Keys

People tend to misplace traditional car keys more than any other type of keys. Handling a lost traditional car key is quite simple. All you need to do is to reach out to a locksmith for a simple and straightforward rekeying service.

However, you should know that replacing the keys of extremely old cars, exotic or unusual models requires more intensive work and unique skillset to get the door open. However, replacing the keys of modern cars and unlocking their doors requires a more straightforward and less time-consuming process.

Losing Fob or Transponder Keys

More recent car models make use of fob keys or Transponder Keys instead of conventional car keys. The fob or transponder keys have unique microchip technology that helps unlock modern cars. The car’s ignition would only respond when the car’s onboard computer receives the right signal from its chip.

Replacing a Fob or Transponder key is trickier as you will need the services of an auto locksmith to effectively program the chip of your new fob key. The good news is that most Fob or Transponder key replacements are typically affordable.

Losing Smart Keys

Some modern cars use smart keys rather than fobs or transponder keys. A smart key uses a proximity sensor to lock and unlock car doors when the key is nearby and in most cases, start ignition when your foot is on the break.

Unfortunately, you will need to contact a tow truck if you lose your smart key as you will need a dealership to get you a new one once the doors have been unlocked.

Final Notes

Replacing your car keys require unique tools, skill sets, and experience that only a professional locksmith can give. Contact QuickPro Locksmith for key replacement services as well as other residential, commercial, and auto locksmith services. Our quick response team of experienced locksmiths is available to meet your needs at any time of the day.