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How to Improve the Security of Your Sliding Glass Doors

How to Improve the Security of Your Sliding Glass Doors

Most homeowners put a lot of time and attention into securing their front entry door. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of individuals who completely ignore the vulnerability of their sliding glass doors. Large glass panel doors are beautiful and convenient. However, if they aren’t properly secured, they can invite criminal activity and leave your home vulnerable to break ins. At QuickPro Locksmith, we enjoy helping our local clients find new ways to keep their homes and businesses safe from theft. We want you to have similar results for your property. Here are a few tips for upgrading the security of your sliding glass doors, so you can have a safe home for your loved ones. 

Upgrade Your Locks

If your current glass doors have minimum standard locks, it’s time for an upgrade. Toss out that basic latch or easy to pick pin and tumbler, and install high security locks that are designed specifically for sliding doors. Heavy duty door loop locks and keyless patio lock systems are just a few examples of the models available in today’s marketplace. 

Consider Shatter Proof Glass

One of the fastest ways for criminals to gain access to your home is to smash their way through your patio door. However, swapping out the basic panels with shatter proof glass models will leave them frustrated and eager to move on to the neighbor’s house. Not only are shatter resistant glass doors helpful for deterring thieves, they can also help prevent damage during storms. 

Install Privacy Film 

One of the best benefits of having sliding glass doors is their ability to let extra light into your living space. Sadly, when your blinds are open, the contents of your home are also on display. When casing a house, criminals can take a quick glance and instantly scope out your large flat screen TV, an iMac sitting on your coffee table, the gaming station in your entertainment center and your brand-new surround sound stereo system. Invite the sunshine, but refuse access to potential burglars by placing a decorative privacy film over the glass panels. These affordable and easy to use covers are removable, stylish and effective at hiding your valuables from prying eyes. 

Take Additional Security Measures

There are many other ways you can enhance the security of your patio doors. Consider installing smart surveillance cameras and motion sensor lights. Criminals who prefer to enter through the back door often do so because they don’t want to attract attention. Breaking into a home from the front entry way leaves them exposed to neighbors and passing vehicles. If they attempt to gain access from your sliding glass doors, but suddenly find themselves in the spotlight, in full view of your outdoor camera, they might decide to choose a different target. 

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