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Locksmith Services to Invest in After Buying a New House

Locksmith Services to Invest in After Buying a New House

After buying a new home, families often have a lot of responsibilities. From renting a moving truck and hauling boxes, to setting up city utilities and more. Unfortunately, security doesn’t always make it onto the list of tasks. At QuickPro Locksmith, we want to provide our residential and commercial clients with an opportunity to defend themselves against local criminals. We understand the consequences of neglecting important security measures, and we want to help you understand which locksmith services can safeguard your valuables and loved ones. 

Security Audits

Security audits are performed by experienced locksmiths who can determine which areas of your home are most vulnerable to attack. They’ll point out potential locations where criminals might attempt a break in, and provide potential solutions that will increase your home’s defense system. 

Lock Changes

Lock changes are perhaps the most important locksmith service to invest in right away. If your home is previously owned, then this step is absolutely essential. Your family may be completely unaware of the circumstances under which the last tenants left. They may have a vendetta against the bank or their last landlord, and have a strong desire to vandalize the property despite having a family who’s already moved in. However, even when you’ve bought a newly constructed home, there is still potential for theft. During the course of the construction and sales process, there could have been dozens or even hundreds of individuals who had access to your keys including contractors, roofers, cleaning companies, plumbers, electricians, real estate professionals and other service providers. Also, the minimum standard locks provided by most house manufacturers aren’t going to stop a seasoned thief. Therefore, a simultaneous lock change and high security lock upgrade is probably the best way to instantly provide a higher degree of safety for your family. 

Security Feature Upgrades

Aside from new locks, there are other security features that can be updated as well. Window locks, shatter proof sliding door installations, door reinforcements, alarm system installation can all improve your chances of preventing break ins. 

Smart Surveillance Technology Integrations and Installations

New smart surveillance and security systems not only provide an extra layer of defense against theft, but it also offers a chance to identify individuals and recover stolen property if a crime ever takes place. From wireless outdoor surveillance cameras to smart locks and high tech doorbells, there are many ways to integrate these new technologies into your home protection plan. Best of all, these devices also offer remote access and controls so you can keep an eye on your home and your family’s safety from the office or while on vacation. 

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