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How to Pick a File Cabinet Lock
How to Pick a File Cabinet Lock

How to Pick a File Cabinet Lock

How to Pick a File Cabinet Lock

Losing your office filing cabinet key could be a source of momentary frustration, especially when it is the last and only key. If you need immediate access to the content of the cabinet, it could lead to anxiety or psychological discomfort!

Luckily, you don’t have to fret since file cabinet keys can be lost by anyone and under many circumstances. There are practical ways of picking your file cabinet lock without calling a dependable locksmith for lock replacement. You’ll get all the information in this article. Keep reading to learn more.

Methods Used In Picking a File Cabinet Lock

  • Lock Pick Set

Lock pick sets are the perfect tools to pick any lock. If you have one, the job becomes easier. Check for the following tools - the tension wrench, hook, ball, rake, and decoder picks. Jigglers could also be effective when picking cabinet locks. Try out any of these tools to open the cabinet lock. However, in most cases, it requires mastery to effectively use those tools.

  • Nail Clipper

If the knife method is uncomfortable for you, the nail clipper method is the next option. The nail clipper should be small and curved at the tip. Insert the curved end at the lowest part of the keyhole and thrust it deeper. When you locate the lock pins, move the nail clipper file in and out. Ensure that you position the cabinet into the unlock position, and at this point, the lock will snap, opening the door.

  • Paperclips

Paper clips are one of the easiest ways to open a locked file cabinet. Grab the one you can find and straighten out one end of the paperclip, then use a plier to bend the other. Insert the bent end in a vertical position into the keyhole of the file cabinet. This way, you can easily push down the pins in the lock. Slowly push the paperclip deep into the hole. Move it from the left to the right while ensuring that you are touching the lock pins. Continue doing this till you unlock the cabinet.

  • Credit Card

Some people use the credit card method for opening doors to buildings or cars, but it doesn't mean it will not work here. So, if you are in for it, your credit card can be used to unlock the file cabinet. All you need is to grab a credit card and use the edges to pry open the file cabinet. Wriggle the card in an upward and downward motion till the lock opens.

  • Using a Knife

This is the most destructive method on our list. Get a knife with a tip that is easy to insert into the lock. Slide it into the door keyhole and move to the left and back to the right in a back-and-forth manner. Keep doing it constantly till the lock becomes loose and gives way. The only disadvantage of using knives is the possibility of damaging your locks. If that is the case, consider other methods.


File cabinets hold important information such as finance, tax, audits, property, or contract papers. If you cannot explore the options listed here to unlock the file cabinet. Then, you need help.

Look no further than Quickpro Locksmith when you need lock replacement services. We understand file cabinets and the locking mechanism. We have the expertise and tools to complete the task quickly so you regain access to your documents.