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How To Replace Lost Car Keys
How To Replace Lost Car Keys

How To Replace Lost Car Keys

How To Replace Lost Car Keys

Only a few things can be as disruptive and frustrating as losing your car keys. In most cases, you don’t even realize they are gone until you need them. You begin to retrace your steps in an attempt of finding out where your keys might have fallen or where you might have mistakenly dropped them.

However, in some cases, we don’t find the lost car keys and we need to call a locksmith service provider like QuickPro Locksmith for an auto key replacement. The approach the locksmith will take to replace your lost car keys will depend on your car key type.

Types of Car Keys and How to Replace Them When They Are Lost

Car keys are often categorized into four different types and a professional auto locksmith service provider should be able to replace any of them:

  • Single-Bladed Key

This type of car key is often common among cars that were made before the 1980s. The key is often shaped out of metal and all that an auto locksmith need to do is to cut a new key in the same shape and pattern of the lost key. There is a huge chance that your locksmith has the exact key blank in storage, especially if the company has been operating for a long time. The cost of replacing a single-bladed key is often cheaper than that of other key types because it often requires little effort.

  • Transponders

The type of car key is often common among cars that are manufactured after the early 2000s. The plastic chamber on the car key houses a transponder chip that send signals to the car to turn on its ignition. While most car manuals contain detailed instructions on how to program and reprogram a transponder chip, the process can sometimes get tricky and confusing.

However, any auto locksmith service provider in Chamblee should have the right equipment that is needed to adequately reprogram your transponder with the onboard computer of your car. Your car ignition will not start if your transponder isn’t properly programmed. However, you will be able to use your key to manually lock and unlock your car with the same key.

  • Key Remotes

Like transponder chips, car key remotes also need to be programmed with the onboard computer of your car. And similar to transponders, a car key remote that is not programmed will not start your car. Reprogramming car remotes often requires more time and effort than the any key type mentioned above. Depending on your car, you may need to wait for a couple of days to receive your reprogrammed car key remote. Some car key remote come with push-to-start keyless fobs and this make the reprogramming process more complicated.

  • Keyless Ignition Fobs

New and modern car often come with keyless ignition fobs and it will take a locksmith that keeps up with industry trends to have the tool is require to replace them. However, you should know that some modern luxury car keyless ignition fobs will require unique tools that you can only find with dealership.

Closing Words

Lost your car keys? Don’t panic. Contact QuickPro Locksmith for quick key replacements and remote reprogramming.