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Ways to Secure Your Luggage When Flying
Ways to Secure Your Luggage When Flying

Ways to Secure Your Luggage When Flying

Ways to Secure Your Luggage When Flying

In an ideal situation, baggage handlers should process your bags at the airport and nothing will get missing when you arrive at your destination. The TSA-approved locks should be enough to secure your belongings, and you will never have a second thought of using a high-security lock while traveling.

Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world, and things have changed. Theoretically, there is increased security in the airport but in reality, many travelers keep losing their expensive belongings. Some analysts blame the increasing loss of items on the widespread corruption in the aviation sector.

So how do you protect your luggage or items from criminals among the airport staff? Here are tested and trusted tips to deter crime and also protect your belongings from thieves.

Buy two Locks!

Experienced travelers are aware of the current airport luggage screening procedures. That is why we recommend you get two locks – a high-security lock and a TSA-approved lock. The effectiveness of the TSA-approved locks has been criticized widely. It is easy for anyone to pick those locks and their master keys are available in the black market. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your belongings, use the advanced lock but observe what the TSA staff will do while screening your luggage. They may break the lock because it is not approved. Then inform them politely that you have a replacement.

Remember, your goal is to secure your belongings against criminals and that losing any item can ruin your trip.

If you are working with a budget and buying two locks seems expensive, get a TSA-approved lock and a label or tape tag on your bag. Tags will help you detect tampering at a glance so you could check for missing items.

Get a Tamper-proof Bag

Investing in tamper-proof luggage is a smart way to prevent theft. Apart from using high security or TSA luggage lock on the zippers, you need to take the security of your items to another level by getting bags with anti-slash, and anti-puncture zippers. The bags may be expensive, but they will add a layer of protection to your belongings.

Sometimes tamper-proof bags are hard to identify among various designs and types of bags flooding our market. You can communicate with the locksmiths in Tucker for further clarification.

It is better to identify that your bag has been compromised to enable you to check for the missing items while at the airport. Alerting the TSA or any law enforcement agency will help them apprehend the criminal.

Do not use the Lockers or Safes While at the Hotel

If you have expensive items in your bag, it is better not to use the lockers. As a traveler, you may be monitored by a criminal who understands your vulnerabilities. A line of sight is always the best security for your belongings when in a public place. Some of the locker locks are compromised and you wouldn’t like to be a victim of burglars or criminal employees.

In case you lose your keys on transit, call a dependable locksmith from QuickPro Locksmith for help.