I have a key, but I can't open my door

I have a key, but I can't open my door

Did you find yourself inserting your key but couldn’t open your door? You should be aware of the numerous reasons why this problem happens. Locks can wear and tear over time, and the door may even get out of its alignment along the door frame. Most issues relating to this normally starts with a minor problem, and it gets so big until the lock becomes jammed. Give us a call at QuickPro Locksmith and we will be right there to fix the problem.

You have a key but can't open your door

When you can't open your door with the right key, the first step to take is to be sure whether the problem is from the lock or frame. If the key does not go straight into the lock cylinder, then the lock might be frozen (if it happens in winter), or there may be some broken pieces of items such as dust inside the cylinder. You can use a spray with WD-40 inside the cylinder if the lock wouldn’t open because of a frozen cylinder. 

If your key enters the cylinder but you can't turn the lock left or right, then you must first check whether it is the right key. Secondly, try and jiggle-wiggle the key inside the lock and see if it can unlock. When you jiggle the key inside the lock, pay attention to see if there is pressure on the bolt or latch. If you can't turn the key inside the lock, it is possible that the tailpiece of the door mechanism has broken. In some cases, your lock might have been compromised by an intruder. If you are unsure of what to do, please contact us at QuickPro Locksmith.

QuickPro Locksmith can resolve your lock and key problems efficiently

If you must jiggle the door each time you lock or unlock, then there is a possibility that the door has simply misaligned with its frame. There is no better way to handle this type of problem other than to consult a professional locksmith technician. QuickPro Locksmith offers a complete repair and replacement of faulty alignment, to restore the integrity of different doors. We also provide key replacement services, if your key is broken or if it becomes ineffective as a result of wear and tear. 

Leaving your door lock un-repaired is like giving intruders access to your home. Leaving your misaligned door unrepaired with the door frame can also make the door more accessible by intruders. We do recommend that you contact us as soon as you discover any lock, key or door issue so that we can provide the necessary assistance and secure your home. QuickPro Locksmith also offers home security system evaluation and installation services. we do understand the security challenges of old and new homes and we can provide the much-needed upgrades that will ensure that your home remains secure against invasion. Give us a call today and let us provide the much-needed help to secure your home and offices. 


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