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Mercedes Benz C Class 2019 Review
Mercedes Benz C Class 2019 Review

Mercedes Benz C Class 2019 Review

Mercedes Benz C Class 2019 Review

The Mercedes Benz C Class 2019 is one of the top-rated 10 luxury cars right now with an overall score of 8.4 out of a possible 10.  The automobile comes with an elegant cabin design, with a powerful turbo-charged standard engine. It also comes with a number of enhanced driver assistant capabilities, and front/exterior styling options. 

Upgrades on Mercedes Benz C Class 2019

The Mercedes Benz C Class 2019 is more appealing than the older versions due to several upgrades that have been completed in it. With the interior Apple Play and Android auto entertainment features, alongside a refreshed exterior styling, this model is super-comfortable. A number of new security features have also been installed in the new series. 

The information/entertainment display screen measures 10.25” and in terms of performance, the 385 horsepower works with a 9-speed automatic transmission at different gear ratios to deliver much better performance than the predecessors. 

Comparing Mercedes Benz C Class 2019 with competitors

Mercedes Benz C Class 2019 can be compared to a number of its main rivals, these include the 2018 BMW 3 series and 2018 Audi A4. Mercedes Benz C Class 2019 shares a number of similarities with BMW 3 series, 2018. The new C class fell short when it comes to engaging performance, but the C class has a more powerful engine than the 2018 BMW 3 series. 

The new C class cost more in thousands of dollars, but it boasts of a much better and more premium interior, alongside the latest entertainment features. The BMW 3 series may be a little roomier than the C class, the BMW 3 series, however, is not available in a coupe or convertible versions like the 2019 C class. 

Comparing the Benz C class with the new Audi A4, one can conclude that the A4 cannot match the performance of the 2019 C class. The A4 is roomier and compares favorably with its upholstery in the interior and the heated front seats. 

The interior of the 2019 Benz C Class

The new Benz C class will comfortably seat 5 passengers, including the driver, while the convertible models can seat 4 passengers. The new Benz also comes with two Latch seat connectors for the babies and there is decent space for adults sitting at the back. 

The C class interior is superb. The doors are adorned with some polished wooden trims, while the leatherette upholstery is simply “Opulent” in feel and texture. The luxurious cabin of the 2019 C class is one of the most amazing parts of its interior. 

With 12.6 cubic feet of trunk space, you can store everything you want in the new C class. The infotainment set up includes an Android Auto and Apple Play features that work with the in-built Bluetooth technology. The Navigation system is fantastic and user-friendly.

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