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Installing Privacy Film for Windows and Door Glass

Installing Privacy Film for Windows and Door Glass

Privacy film offers the best of both worlds. Let the light brighten your rooms, without compromising your security. Criminals often choose which homes to target by glancing through the windows. Doing so allows them to instantly know whether the risk and effort of breaking into your property will be worth it. However, if you’ve applied security film on your windows, sliding patio doors and glass panels, then they won’t be able to see your valuables. At QuickPro Locksmith, we enjoy helping our Atlanta, Georgia area clients find new ways to protect and defend their property. Have you thought about applying privacy film to reduce your chances of being burglarized? Then follow these simple steps for installation success.

Choose a Film That Fits Your Décor and Security Needs

There are many varieties of privacy film available on the market today. From basic frosted film to intricate floral patterns and shimmering mosaics, there’s sure to be a unique design to suit your décor and budget. Compare different options online and at your local hardware stores to find the best quality film at the price point you need. 

Clean Your Windows and Glass Door Panels

The next step is prepping your glass for installation. Avoid placing the film on your windows early in the morning or at night when the glass is likely to sweat from drastic changes in temperature. You’ll also want to avoid installing your film if the windows are frosty. Doing so will make it hard for your film to properly adhere to the surface of the glass. When your windows are in the perfect condition for application, it’s time to grab your favorite glass cleaner, and thoroughly clean the areas where the film will be placed. If any dust, dirt or other kind of debris is left behind, it could leave your windows looking dingy or make installation challenging.

Cut the Film to the Right Size

Measure your glass panels ahead of time, and precisely trim each piece of film before installing. This may seem like an unnecessary step in the process, but you’ll save time and avoid stress by reducing the number of mistakes made during application. 

Apply Slowly with a Squeegee

Slowly peel back a small portion of the protective backing and carefully apply to the top of the glass panel. Use a plastic squeegee to ensure proper adhesion, and to press air bubbles out toward the edges of the film. When your small section is finished, pull back another small section of the backing, and continue using your squeegee as before. Repeat this process again and again until all the windows are covered. Remain patient, it’s better to go slow and avoid wrinkles and bubbles. Otherwise, it could take twice as much time to correct your mistakes after the fact. 

Check for Bubbles

When you’re finished applying the film, check for small bubbles that might still be trapped. Take a sharp needle or safety pin, and pop the bubble. Be careful not to make the hole large or visible. Take your squeegee, and push the trapped air out until the surface is flat and smooth. 

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