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Protect Your Landscape Garden From Intruders

Protect Your Landscape Garden from Intruders 

Classic cartoons and children’s stories show us that gardens are attractive to thieves. While bouncy tigers and hungry rabbits might be a potential menace for plant lovers, humans seem to find their way into landscaped yards much more often. Have you noticed a few missing items in your yard? At QuickPro Locksmith, we help home and business owners in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding area keep their properties safe from burglars. Here are a few tips to help defend your lawn and garden against local criminals. 

Upgrade Your Shed’s Security 

Most gardeners prefer to keep their tools and equipment in a convenient area of the backyard. Sheds are a popular property upgrade that allow homeowners to store their lawn mower, string trimmers, pruning shears and garden trowels. However, it’s common for them to be left unprotected. Some choose to place a basic padlock on the door, but these can be quickly bypassed by anyone with a bolt cutter or lock picking skills. Update your shed door with high security locks, and you’ll reduce your chances of losing major gardening investments. 

Put Things Away

If a thief can see valuable items from the street, your chances of being targeted for burglary will increase. Expensive children’s toys, barbecue grills and rare exotic container plants are all potential loot for a nearby thief. Make sure you put items away after use, and encourage children and other family members to do the same. 

Grow Protective Plants Around the Perimeter

If you want to defend your lawn and garden, take a cue from Mother Nature herself, and grow defensive plants. No one wants to hop over a Holly Bush or step through a bed of Prickly Cactus. Create an instant barrier around fence lines using trees, plants and bushes with thorns and spikes. Not only will it deter burglars from scaling your walls, you’ll also keep out animals that are a threat to your garden. 

Install Motion Sensor Lights and Wireless Surveillance Cameras

The reason why thieves might choose to target yards is because the job is fast and easy. There’s no need to pick a lock or break a window, everything they want to steal is right out in the open. However, when they approach your gardening shed or outdoor kitchen, scare them away with motion flood lights and surveillance cameras. If the lights don’t stop the burglary in its tracks, you’ll at least have high quality video footage of the culprit. You’ll have a better chance of getting your items back if the police can identify them. Smart cameras also provide a way for you to alert the authorities of a problem, even if you’re at the office or faraway on a Caribbean cruise. 

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