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Keeping Your Tools Safe in Your Truck Bed

Keeping Your Tools Safe in Your Truck Bed

One of the greatest benefits of owning a truck, is that you can haul heavy tools and equipment with ease. For someone who earns a living working with their hands, a truck can be an invaluable addition to their business. However, tools can be worth a small fortune, especially those that are specialized, rare or expensive. Many job sites require people to park away from the area where the construction, repair or service is taking place, forcing the truck owner to leave their precious items vulnerable to anyone who passes by. At QuickPro Locksmith, we provide residential, commercial and automotive services in Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Buckhead, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Roswell and other nearby metro area cities. We understand the importance of security, and have helped countless Atlanta, Georgia home and business owners find solutions for their safety concerns. We want to help you achieve the same results. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your favorite tools and equipment out of the hands of local criminals. 

Store Your Tools Under the Seat Instead

The first option is to avoid using your truck bed to store tools. If you only need a select number of tools for each task, you can keep most your tools at home or in your work space, and only take what’s needed in a smaller toolbox or under the seat storage bin. Potential thieves may be less likely to break into the vehicle itself and will find an easier target. 

Use a Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Tool Box with High Security Locks

Of course, many professionals require multiple tools to be on hand at all times. Some of this equipment may be very large, and must be stored in the truck bed. In these instances, it’s important to take the first step and purchase a heavy duty commercial grade tool box. These large high security locked tool boxes are often made from durable metals and weather resistant. Storing your tools in these containers may require an extra investment, but it will be well worth the cost to protect your equipment from both theft and damage from rain, snow and debris. 

Secure with a Cable Alarm

You can take the next step by using a cable alarm. These devices are made from cables that can be used to secure toolboxes and other equipment in your truck bed. Unlike conventional cables, they also have an electronic alarm imbedded inside. If a thief tries to cut the cables or attempts to tamper with the lock, a very loud alarm will sound, alerting you that an attempted break in is taking place. In most cases, the criminal will not expect to trigger an alarm and will run away. 

Consider Installing a Decked Storage System or Locking Truck Bed Cover

Another excellent security option is to install a decked storage system or a locking truck bed cover. These systems provide two benefits. You can secure your items in your truck bed without exposing them, and you still have an elevated workspace that can come in handy on the job site. 

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