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Tubular vs. Standard Cam Locks

Tubular vs. Standard Cam Locks

Cam locks provide an affordable and practical way to provide extra security for a variety of items including medicine cabinets, desk drawers, filing cabinets, vending machines, mailboxes, cash deposit boxes and more. Installing cam locks is an excellent way to add an extra barrier of protection from external or internal theft. Whether you need cam locks for residential or commercial purposes, there are a variety of options available in today’s marketplace. There are so many choices in fact, that property owners can become overwhelmed. At QuickPro Locksmith, we have installed, repaired and replaced countless cam locks, and we want to help you choose the right locks for your home or business. Here are a few tips to help narrow your options. 

Standard Cam Locks

Standard cam locks involve the use of conventional flat keys and contain traditional pins. These style of cam locks can be beneficial for many reasons. It is simple to duplicate keys for employees or family members, they are generally more affordable and more widely available. The downside is that these locks are more vulnerable to the use of basic lock picking tools, and can be bypassed relatively easily. 

Tubular Cam Locks

Tubular cam locks also use a pin tumbler system. However, the pins are installed horizontally rather than vertically. The most noticeable difference between tubular and standard cam locks is the circular shape of the lock cylinder and the key. While tubular locks can still be picked by experienced criminals, they do provide an extra line of defense. Many novice thieves who are searching for easy targets may avoid these styles of locks in favor of a conventional pin tumbler cylinder. 

Other Considerations

Regardless of which option you choose, be sure to invest in high quality locks that are durable. If the lock will be outside, it’s best to install weather resistant cam locks that contain a dust shutter and o ring. This will help keep water and debris out of the cylinder. Keep in mind that tubular and standard cams aren’t your only alternatives. Cam locks come in a wide array of styles and models including rotary combination, dial combination, padlocking, wing handle locks and more. Our friendly, experienced locksmiths can help you find cam locks that fit your unique needs and budget. 

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