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What Small Businesses Need to Know About Locks and Liability
What Small Businesses Need to Know About Locks and Liability

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Locks and Liability

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What Small Businesses Need to Know About Locks and Liability

Small business owners have a lot on their plate. Between marketing, managing and running daily operations, security issues can easily slip into the background. Unfortunately, in the event of a burglary or vandalism, neglecting the quality of locks could undermine everything. Many assume that having a basic insurance policy in place will protect them from devastating financial loss, and that if anything happens they’ll get reimbursed. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. While it may not feel like a top priority when so many things are demanding your attention, the safety of your property, guests and employees should always take center stage. Understanding your insurance policy and knowing your legal obligations as a business owner is essential to keeping your company afloat if an emergency ever occurs. Here are a few things that all small business owners need to know about locks and liability. 

Small Businesses Have a Legal Responsibility to Protect Everyone on the Premises

We live in a highly litigious society. People sue for everything from hot coffee spills to the high calorie content of fast food cheeseburgers. As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of everyone and everything at your location. This includes your clients, staff and those who are driving through your parking lot. If a burglary occurs at your store and a person is injured or has their valuables stolen, they have a legal right to file a lawsuit against you. If a death occurs, you may even be held financially responsible for the security of their dependent family members. In an instance where multiple injuries or property loss is reported, you could even have to contend with a class action suit. While large corporations have an entire legal department dedicated to overcoming these issues, most small businesses aren’t so lucky. Having subpar or damaged locks could make it much more difficult to defend your case. 

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The Quality of Your Locks May Affect Your Insurance Claims

Some insurance companies may refuse to pay an insurance claim after a break in. If you have minimum standard locks that were easily picked and show no signs of forced entry, you may have a tough time proving that owner neglect wasn’t to blame. While it’s still possible to destroy a pick and drill resistant lock, a criminal will be forced to significantly damage the lock and door to gain entry. Be sure to speak with your insurance provider ahead of time and discuss which commercial locks they prefer, and ask if they give discounts for businesses that install a specific kind of lock. This will ensure that you are fully compliant with their regulations and will receive full compensation if a burglary takes place. 

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