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Lost Keys? What to do When You Lose Your Key

Lost Keys? What to do When You Lose Your Key

Losing your key, especially when you don’t have a spare key, could be one of the most miserable things that would ever happen to you. Perhaps the only thing you should consider doing when you lost your keys and you are probably in an emergency need to regain entrance into your home, is to call QuickPro Locksmith. QuickPro Locksmith can help you regain entry into your home or office in diverse situations. If you lost your key, or the key has broken inside the lock, a professional locksmith will provide necessary key cutting to help you regain access to your home.

What exactly do you need to do once you lost your key?

You can be locked out of your home if your key was lost, or stolen. The first thing you should do is probably search through your personal items once again. You may have to return to the place you last visited before you discover that your keys have been lost. You should check inside the seats of your car, dashboard, safes, floor, and even the trunk. 

If you can’t find the keys after searching your car, office or the places you were before you discovered you have lost the keys, then you need to contact a professional locksmith. Once the locksmith technician has arrived, he will inspect the situation and come up with the ideal solution. In most cases, the locksmith will either change and then replace the locks, or new keys will be made for you that fits into the type of lock you use. 

Key-cutting service is definitely a must after you lose your keys in order to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. Changing your lock is also important because the person who stole your key may invade your home sometimes to steal from you. The new keys made must be compliant with the necessary security codes and that is one of the duties of a professional locksmith.

What else do you need to do when you lose your keys?

In case your keys were stolen and the criminal has managed to gain access to your home, the next step you must take is to contact the police and report any theft that occurs. You may have to take this step just in case the security officers need to perform forensic investigations on the theft. 

The locksmith technician may also want to find out the type of key you lost; front or backdoor keys? Garage door keys? UPVC door keys? Keys to a restricted suite? Once the type of keys you have lost and the type of lock has been determined, the locksmith may change the existing lock, cut the keys for new locks installed, or upgrade your lock to a higher security lock. The locksmith may upgrade the cylinder of an existing lock and may even consider the upgrade of the multipoint locking system on the door to strengthen its security. 

You should contact QuickPro Locksmith for 100% reliable and effective key and lock system replacement and upgrades.