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How to Keep Your Pool House Safe from Intruders

How to Keep Your Pool House Safe from Intruders

A pool house is an excellent way to upgrade your property value, while providing maximum comfort for your guests. It can provide temporary living quarters for visiting friends and family, or serve as a fun space for your loved ones to enjoy during the warm summer months. Unfortunately, pool houses and backyard guest suites are frequently targeted by criminals. They often contained valuable electronics and can be broken into with less risk than the home itself. Many well-meaning home owners spend a lot of time, energy and money upgrading their household’s security system, yet still use minimal defense when it comes to their backyard structures. At QuickPro Locksmith, we enjoy offering premium locksmith services to drivers, homeowners and businesses in Atlanta, Decatur, Dunwoody, Norcross, Stone Mountain, Smyrna, Chamblee, Brookhaven, Tucker and more surrounding metro area communities. If you’re ready to take your pool house security to the next level, here are a few things to consider. 

High Security Locks

Normal pin and tumbler knobs and deadbolts can be quickly bypassed by any novice with a lock picking kit. If you really want to defend your pool house from thieves and vandals, it’s important that you invest in quality high security locks on all entry points of the guest unit. 

Door Reinforcements

After a few failed attempts at picking the locks, a determined thief may try and break down the door itself with force. Wooden door frames are easily broken with a couple of strong kicks. Door reinforcements help to strengthen the door jamb, so breaking through the door becomes frustratingly difficult. There are a variety of products available for reinforcing doors, including metal strips, deep set metal boxes for high security lock throws, and more. 

Shatter Proof Glass and Window Locks

Windows are another favored method of entry for criminals. Many homeowners leave their windows unlocked and unprotected, and a thief can easily slip in undetected, and unlock the front door from inside. Therefore, installing shatter proof glass and quality window locks can help you avoid break ins. 

Smart Surveillance Systems

Pool houses are designed to be both a comfortable guest home, and an outdoor entertainment space. For this reason, pool houses frequently have extra features such as an outdoor kitchen, cocktail bar, televisions, stereo systems and more. Because these items are exposed, they are much easier to steal. While you may not be able to keep a thief from taking your speakers, TV and liquor bottles, a smart surveillance system can guarantee that you will be able to identify the culprit. This will improve your chances of getting your items back, before the criminal sells them. Smart surveillance systems include wireless digital cameras, smart doorbells and keyless entry lock systems, all of which can alert you via phone app, anytime someone approaches your pool house. 

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