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Love Locks – Start this Romantic Tradition in Your City
Love Locks – Start this Romantic Tradition in Your City

Love Locks – Start this Romantic Tradition in Your City

Love Locks – Start this Romantic Tradition in Your City

Valentine’s Day always inspires us to find creative new ways of celebrating love. While padlocks aren’t normally associated with romance, the interesting tradition of Love Locks has captured the attention of many couples around the world. At QuickPro Locksmith, we enjoy helping families care for their valuables and loved ones by providing high quality commercial and residential locksmith services in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. We think Love Locks is a fun and innovative way to show you care. Not sure what Love Locks are? Keep reading below to find out more. 

What is a Love Lock?

Love Locks are padlocks placed on gates and fences, which symbolize the love shared between a couple. Supposedly, the tradition began almost 100 years ago, in Serbia, where young girls would place the locks on a local bridge to protect their love, often writing the names of their lover on the padlock itself, and then tossing the key into the river below. The interesting practice spread after a popular book and film was released called “I Want You”. In the story, the main characters also use the Love Lock ritual in Rome, sparking new interest in Paris and other locations.

Love Locks Around the World

Love Locks have been spotted in Algiers, Australia, Wisconsin, France, Germany, Florence, Dublin, and Brazil. Others have expanded from the conventional bridge railings, and have started Love Lock trees, like those found in Hampshire, England and Moscow, Russia. 

How to Start a Love Lock Bridge in Your Community

While many cities have excitedly embraced the Love Lock ritual, others have outlawed its use. At times the tradition has become so popular, that the number of locks caused bridges to become dangerously heavy. Thankfully, communities are finding ways to safely incorporate this playful symbol of affection in ways that grow and nourish their neighborhoods. In many cases, the area where the Love Locks are placed become a popular tourist destination, and can help uplift those in the community as they’re given a visual reminder of the amount of love shared between their fellow humans. Love Lock gates, bridges, trees, fountains and other installments can be great fundraisers for important community projects as well. Before starting your own neighborhood Love Lock space, be sure to get permission from local authorities, and find ways to introduce this great tradition in a form that will enhance and positively contribute to your city. 

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Another great way to protect your love is by investing in high security locks and security systems. Your family will benefit from the investment, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year. If you’re interested in a high security lock installation, smart lock upgrade, door reinforcements or another residential or commercial locksmith service, get help from the experts at QuickPro Locksmith. Contact our office today to speak with our friendly customer care staff or to schedule a convenient appointment with a qualified mobile locksmith in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Roswell, College Park, Georgia or another nearby metro area neighborhood.