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Upgrading Security for Your Rental Properties

Upgrading Security for Your Rental Properties

For homeowners, having an adequate security plan in place is usually a top priority. Unfortunately, when it comes to rental properties, owners sometimes neglect to protect their investments. Defending your rental unit against criminal activity not only protects the life and property of your tenants, but it can keep thieves and vandals from causing extensive damage to your house, apartment, duplex or commercial building. At QuickPro Locksmith, we proudly provide premium residential and commercial services in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding communities. We know firsthand how important proper security is for families and businesses, and we want you to have the same level of protection for your rental properties. 

High Security Deadbolts

Most homes on the market, whether newly constructed or previously owned, come with minimum standard locks. The majority of deadbolts and pin and tumbler knobs are simple to bypass by anyone with a cheap lock picking kit or a plastic gift card. High security deadbolts have a longer throw and come with a more durable strike plate, for an extra layer of defense. A lot of models in today’s marketplace come with advanced features like double cylinders or resistance to bump keys and other commonly used lock picking tools.  

Keyless Entry Locks

If you provide short term rentals or own multiple properties where tenants frequently move in and out, keyless entry locks can provide extra security and convenience. It’s always a good practice to replace or rekey locks after a tenant leaves. However, with a high quality keyless entry lock installation from experienced locksmiths, you can change the code or remove access easily, without the extra costs or labor. 

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Installing surveillance cameras outside the rental unit can offer high security options for your current occupants by providing high definition video footage for authorities if an emergency does occur. In addition, surveillance cameras can keep criminals and squatters away when your property is vacant.

Door Reinforcements

Having reliable high security locks is important, but if your entry door or jamb is weak, then burglars might be able to enter through sheer force. Door reinforcements makes it much more difficult for offenders to bypass the front door by kicking or body slamming. 

Quality Insurance

Physical improvements to your property can certainly go a long way in protecting your properties from harm. However, it’s always best to stay prepared for any outcome. Having the appropriate insurance plan in place can ensure that any damage your property receives during a break in will be reimbursed, so you can fix the problem fast and move forward without roadblocks. Speak with your insurance agent to make sure you’re getting the best policy for your unique real estate venture.

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