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Magnetic Lock Systems for Businesses

Magnetic Lock Systems for Businesses in Atlanta

Are you looking for alternatives to standard commercial locks for your Atlanta, Georgia area business? Have you recently dealt with a security breach or an attempted break in, and are ready to upgrade the locks that protect your business? If so, you might want to consider getting a magnetic lock installation. At QuickPro Locksmith in Atlanta, we provide a wide range of residential and commercial locksmith services, including new lock installation, repair and replacement. If you’re interested in learning more about this less common, but powerful alternative, this article will provide the information needed to make your decision easier. 

How to Magnetic Locks Work?

There are two different styles of commercial magnetic lock systems, electromagnetic systems and magnetic coded locks. An electromagnetic lock is extremely durable and strong. They are almost impossible to pick and can withstand an enormous amount of pressure, making it difficult to break down the door even with a battering ram. These amazing devices harness the power of metal that becomes magnetized when electricity flows through it. They are extremely useful as exit devices, as they are designed to unlock when the power goes out or when a fire alarm or alert button is pushed. The electromagnetic current can also be momentarily blocked with the use of a key, like those used for hotel rooms and lab facilities. This means the door will automatically lock once the door closes. Electromagnetic locks provide top notch defense against burglars, but there are a few potential downsides. The locks can be bypassed if the electricity is out, and they aren’t well suited for highly trafficked areas such as the front door to a retail store. Another popular style are magnetic coded locks. These lock and key systems work similarly to traditional pin and tumblers; however, the pins are moved up and down by magnets placed on the key. This makes them more difficult to pick with common tools. Some of these locks also have specialized magnetic pins along the shear line for added security.

Is a Magnetic Lock Installation the Right Choice for Your Atlanta Business?

Magnetic coded locks are an excellent option for those looking for an alternative to their current entry door locks. If you have a retail shop, restaurant or other highly frequented business, then these kinds of locks will be more practical. Companies that require a high amount of security and only allow employees access to the building, an electromagnetic lock system could provide the extra dose of safety you’re looking for. They also make excellent options for emergency exit devices in a variety of industries and can be used to secure specific locations, such as an office, laboratory or data center. 

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