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Key Fob Programming Instructions

Key Fob Programming Instructions 

Losing your car keys can be very frustrating, and getting a new set isn’t as easy as it used to be. Rather than getting a simple duplicate, modern keys require high tech equipment. While this is good news when it comes to keeping carjackers at bay, it also causes a big problem when your keys stop working correctly. Do you need new key fob programming for your car, truck or van in Atlanta, Georgia or a nearby metro area city? There are a few options available to get back behind the wheel. Atlanta locksmiths are professionally trained to get your new key fob programmed quickly and accurately, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. However, some people want to try doing it themselves first. While hiring a professional locksmith in Atlanta, GA is optimal, the team at QuickPro Locksmith understand that not everyone lives near a reliable locksmith company. Here’s how you can try to program your key fob yourself, and what steps to take if you’re ready to get help from a qualified professional near you. 

Steps for DIY Key Fob Programming

If you want to try programming your own key fob, it might be possible depending on what vehicle model you drive. A handful of new cars require specialized computers and diagnostic systems to program keys and key fobs. However, many also have a specific series of tasks that will manually set your key fob manually. Each model varies, but they usually require lifting or lowering the windows, opening the trunk, turning the key in the ignition or pressing buttons in sequence on the key fob. Be sure to research thoroughly the procedure that’s correct for your exact model. If purchasing your key fob online rather than your local dealership, make sure you’re buying from a reliable company, as many people have been scammed and sent faulty key fobs. 

Why Hire a Qualified Locksmith in Atlanta for Your New Key Fob?

While the DIY method can save a few dollars, it might take days or even weeks to get a matching key fob. It also will take hours’ worth of research and potentially several cycles of trial and error before the process is complete. On the other hand, dealerships and mechanics often overcharge, and you may even have to hire a towing company to get your car to your home. When you hire professional Atlanta locksmiths like those at QuickPro Locksmith, you’ll receive help instantly, conveniently and at a price that will keep you under budget. Our experts come to you, with all the equipment and tools needed to program your key fob and perform other services like ignition repair, transponder key duplication and lock replacements. 

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Are you ready to hire an experienced locksmith in Atlanta for your next key duplication, transponder key replacement or key fob programming? Then call QuickPro Locksmith right away. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer care experts are ready to help. We will send reliable Atlanta locksmiths to your location for fast, affordable and dependable services.