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Rekeying in Smyrna, GA

Rekeying in Smyrna, GA

Rekeying your locks is a preferred option when you’re running on a budget or probably you don’t have time to spend upgrading the security of your home or office. Paying for the installation of a new set of locks may not be the right decision to make if the locks are still functional and in good condition. You will get the same level of security if you opt for rekeying in Smyrna because the outside hardware of the locks remain intact while the inner components and keys will be changed.

The term, ‘rekey’ is not popular because the traditional practice has been to install new keys when the security of people’s homes or offices are compromised. Though rekeying has been an old-time practice – as it was invented in 1836 by Solomon Andrews but most people have not gotten a thorough understanding of the concept.

How does it work?

Rekeying locks is quite simple – it is a process of readjusting the internal components and workings of your lock so that it won’t be opened by the former keys. This security upgrading method allows you to have control of your home and office security infrastructure.

Essentially, the idea is to give homeowners a cheaper option of changing the internal mechanical structure of their locks so that they function with different keys without compromising the security of your home. Rekeying your locks might be a much better choice; however, it all depends on your personal preference. 

A noteworthy point about rekeying is that the old keys cannot be used to gain entry. So if you need rekey in Smyrna, key remake or key duplicating call professionals from QuickPro Locksmith.

Advantages of rekeying in Smyrna

Rekeying is faster

To rekey in Smyrna is one of the fastest security improvement processes you can think of. The procedure starts by removing the keyhole also known as the inside cylinder. New tumblers that fit the new key will be installed and tested to ensure that everything works perfectly. 

At QuickPro Locksmith our rekeying services works swiftly because we have state of the art equipment that makes the process very easy. We can seamlessly undertake key remake in Smyrna, key duplicating and rekeying in Smyrna.

Rekeying is affordable

Why spend more when a simple rekey in Smyrna can give you the efficiency and protection you desire. Although it feels bad to know that the security of your house or office has been compromised but purchasing and installing new keys can be costly when the old keys can be rekeyed by professionals from QuickPro Locksmith.

Rekeying is as good as new installation since it gives you some peace of mind and security. But whether you want to rekey your locks or you decide otherwise, we can efficiently handle new installation of locks as well as rekeying in Smyrna.

Why you should rekey?

There are many reasons why you should rekey your locks, but it is expected that this might be done when the keys are lost or in a situation where the spare keys are with untrusted individuals. Therefore, call professional locksmiths from QuickPro Locksmith if you feel that the security of your house has been compromised.