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Tips for Securing Your Property While Camping

Tips for Securing Your Property While Camping 

Does your family wait on the edge of their seats for signs of summer sunshine? Is it a yearly ritual to take off to the nearest National Park for a fun and affordable vacation? Whether your hiking in Yosemite or camping on the coast, you won’t want to waste that valuable energy worrying about theft. At QuickPro Locksmith, we provide professional locksmith services in Atlanta, Suwanee, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Sandy Springs, Roswell and other metro area communities. We enjoy helping our clients protect their valuables and loved ones under all circumstances, including summer trips. Here are a few suggestions that can help keep potential criminals away from your campsite on your next cross country adventure. 

Make Friends with Your New Neighbors

While being friendly with other campers isn’t a guarantee of their trustworthiness, it can help improve the level of comfort and commodore while your sharing space in the great outdoors. There may be times when you and your family are out on the lake or taking a tour, and having an extra pair of eyes can help reduce the chances of being targeted by a thief. 

Keep Important Items Close at Hand 

Cash, expensive jewelry and documents containing sensitive information either needs to be left at home or should stay on person as often as possible. Avoid removing jewelry, keep cash, passports and ID’s in a wallet or travel bag. Try buying waterproof containers that can be worn in the water if you’re going to be near the ocean, lake, river or amusement park.

Turn a Truck Bed or Enclosed Trailer into a Secure Storage Area

Larger items used for camping could be a tempting treat for criminals. Examples may include a YETI cooler, specialized hiking gear, sports equipment and more. Leaving your paddleboard or top of the line mountain bike near your tent while on an excursion could invite burglars to your site. You can avoid this by purchasing an enclosed trailer with high security locks. You can also turn a truck bed into a lockable storage unit by installing a locking bed cover. Sometimes, simply having your valuable items out of view, will decrease your chances of having them stolen.

Consider Investing in a Pop Up Camper or Travel Trailer

If you enjoy camping frequently, then you might want to consider investing in a travel trailer, pop up tent or truck bed camper. While they are more expensive than tents, certain models are still far more affordable than full size RV’s or motorhomes. Not only do they provide more convenience, but owners can install security devices like alarms, premium locks and smart surveillance equipment to ensure their camping gear stays put. 

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