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RFID Systems for Event Security

RFID Systems for Event Security

Basic pin and tumbler locks are becoming less popular amongst business owners who want to secure their location against criminals with lock picking experience. Thanks to innovations in technology, there are many new alternatives, including RFID systems. While almost any home or business owner can benefit from the additional protection provided by an RFID lock system, companies such as movie theaters, concert halls and music venues have a chance to transform the way they sell tickets to their events. If you’re a local Atlanta, Georgia area business who frequently hosts ticketed events, then call the experts at QuickPro Locksmith to discover more ways that you can protect your employees and customers using an RFID system. Our professional locksmiths are trained and experienced in installing, repairing and replacing a variety of lock systems, including those enhanced with RFID technology. Contact the QuickPro Locksmith office today to find out more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. 

How Does RFID Technology Work?

RFID is an acronym for radio frequency identification. By harnessing the power of radio waves, an RFID tag uses an integrated circuit to transmit encoded radio signals to a reader using a serial number or other form of unique data. The technology allows users to scan items, much like a conventional barcode. Over the past decade, RFID technology has been utilized for a wide range of industries, from microchipping pets to organizing product inventory. 

How Can You Use an RFID Enabled Security System for Your Next Event?

One of the most popular uses of radio frequency identification is access control and security management. These systems are often used by businesses that require a higher level of safety or security protection, such as data centers, financial institutions or medical and pharmaceutical laboratories. Employees and authorized visitors to these facilities normally need an RFID card to enter certain areas of the premises. Similarly, venues can also implement the same technology to control access to ticketed events. RFID lanyard cards and wristbands allow businesses to not only prevent people from sneaking into the show without paying, but can also makes ticket sales, organization and analytics much more streamlined and simple.  

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Whether you need lockout assistance and key duplications or complex RFID or biometric access control system installations in Atlanta, GA, our experts are ready to make your security dreams a reality. Contact the QuickPro Locksmith office today for more information or to schedule an appointment with an Atlanta area mobile locksmith near you.