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Sliding Door Lock Buying Guide
Sliding Door Lock Buying Guide

Sliding Door Lock Buying Guide

Sliding Door Lock Buying Guide

Sliding doors are all the rave lately. A large portion of modern homes boast sliding doors in some part of the house because it saves space and increases curb appeal. Rather than swinging open outward or inward, sliding doors save space by gliding against the wall. What about the security though? Are sliding doors safe? Are they secure? Rest assured, there are plenty of lock types for sliding doors. QuickPro Locksmith’s certified experts have years of experience installing and repairing these locks. We are happy to share some of our insight with you. You are invited to call QuickPro Locksmith if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help.

The Foot Bolt

You know that door handles and locks transfer many germs. Plus, how are you going to open the door if your hands are full? Well, with a foot bolt, of course. The foot bolt is installed on the bottom area of the sliding door and has retractable springs that lock and unlock the sliding door when triggered. A great way to put your feet to more use!

Sliding Door Hook

Want something simple and straight-forward? A sliding door hook. This J-shaped hook slides into its slot to secure the door from opening. No need for keys here. There is also the mortise style lock hook that operates by the thumb latch. However, both of these are only operable from one side of the door. So, if you are outside and the door is locked, you will have to go around or get someone to unlock the sliding door from the inside.

Keyed Lock

We cannot forget the original lock and key. There is not much to explain here, but the advantage of keyed locks is that they allow you to lock and unlock the door from both sides. They are also more secure, especially if you install bolts.

Door Lock Pin

Similar to the door hook, the door lock pin is a keyless lock system that only works from the inside. A steel pin on the door attaches to a stationary panel on the wall to secure the sliding door in place.

Need Help with An Installation?

QuickPro Locksmith is always looking for ways to help you secure your property. If you need help with an installation, then you want to call professionals with experience and credentials. The licensed local locksmiths at QuickPro Locksmiths are trained and equipped to help you install any sort of lock for your sliding door. 
You are welcomed to call QuickPro Locksmith to consult with one of our friendly professionals and determine which sliding door lock is best for you. We can then have a  nearby certified locksmith dispatched to your location in as soon as within thirty minutes.
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