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When to Call 911 Instead of a Locksmith
When to Call 911 Instead of a Locksmith

When to Call 911 Instead of a Locksmith

When to Call 911 Instead of a Locksmith

A reliable locksmith can help you with key replacements, lockout services, security system installations, and more. However, not all security and lock issues require you to call a locksmith. Sometimes, it is better to call 911, especially if someone is in danger. QuickPro Locksmith is always ready to help if you have a locksmith issue which does not involve a life in danger. If there is a serious emergency, you should call 911 rather than a locksmith. They will be better equipped to handle the emergency in a timely fashion. Here are some situations when you should call 911 instead of a locksmith.

Child Locked Inside of Car

Any emergency situation becomes more serious when a child is involved. If a child, yours or someone else’s, is locked inside of a vehicle then be sure to call 911 to save the child. This scenario is especially crucial if the weather is hot as the inside of a car can heat up to temperatures higher than the outside temperature. There is also the risk of the child hurting themselves in the car with no adult supervision. Keep the child calm by talking to them until the responders arrive.

Child Locked In The House

You might have a child that knows how to lock a door but not unlock the door. Maybe you locked the door and the key broke. Whatever the reason, if a child is locked inside of the house then we recommend you call 911. There is a lot that can go wrong if the child is unsupervised inside of the house and emergency responders will be quickest to get to your property.

There Is A Fire

Whether you are locked inside of a car, house, or office during a fire, you should call 911 immediately! There is no time to pick locks or change them. You must get to safety as soon as possible. Also, never enter a burning building or car in any circumstance. Leave this for the emergency responders. If there is a fire, then call 911, not a locksmith.

You Believe Someone Is In Danger

A locksmith is not permitted to assist in an entry into a third-party’s home, even if you believe that person is in danger or is distressed. If you are worried about someone’s well-being, then call the emergency responders at 911 instead. Such situations include someone who seems to have collapsed in their home or car, or if they need medical assistance. Again, a locksmith cannot illegally enter property. Call 911 instead.

After A Burglary

If your property has been broken into, then the first thing you should do is get to a safe location and call 911 to report the break in. Do not enter the home until the police have arrived and inspected the property. There is no knowing whether the intruder is still inside of the property! Once the police have investigated the area and filed a report, then it is time to call a locksmith to ensure security.