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The Pros and Cons of Duplicate Keys
The Pros and Cons of Duplicate Keys

The Pros and Cons of Duplicate Keys

The Pros and Cons of Duplicate Keys

It is comforting for homeowners to keep an extra set of keys for emergencies. Lost or damaged key issues may arise when you least expect them. At that point, a spare key can save the day!

QuickPro Locksmith will explore the pros and cons of duplicate keys to help you make decisions and prepare for emergencies.


Accessibility and Convenience

Making a duplicate key provides the simplest and most convenient way to access your space when you lose your keys. Apart from that, you wouldn’t be stranded if there was an issue with the original set of keys.

Useful in Emergencies

In case you lose your keys without the spare, a forceful break-in becomes the next option. Therefore, having an extra key becomes a lifesaver during such situations

Sharing with Family and Close Friends

Occasionally, you may have to permit someone else to enter your property. A spare key can help you achieve this. You can give them the extra, so they can gain access whenever necessary.

Saves Time and Money 

Key copying and urgent replacement could be expensive and time-consuming. Keeping an extra key enables you to avoid both the cost and time it takes to find alternative ways of accessing your space.


Unauthorized Access

Basically, key duplication increases unauthorized access. It becomes difficult to trace who accesses your keys and security system once you give it out. A friend or relative may not have a bad intention, but their friends could have ulterior motives about your apartment.

Having an additional key in the wrong hands may place your property at risk.

Easy to Misplace

Most times, key duplicates are small in size and easy to lose. Since their natural position is in purses and pockets, people tend to misplace them. Due to this, it can cause annoyance and the loss of time, especially if you are super busy.


Relying on duplicate keys may be dangerous and tends to foster a false sense of security. Thus, this becomes a big security issue when you cannot control the number of keys. To regain control, you would change the keys resulting in more expenditure.

Do you need key duplication services?

You must assess the pros and cons of having a spare key and determine what to do in any unexpected situation. However, if you prefer to have an extra key made, work with only a reliable locksmith service provider. 

If you get locked out of your car or need key duplication, come see us at QuickPro Locksmith. Our locksmith team gives reliable and affordable locking services to solve your problems.

Owning additional keys can be simply amazing to experience, but it is essential to handle them with a lot of care. Weigh the pros and cons and decide what will be most suitable for you. If you have any issues with lock installation, key duplication, or rekeying services, our well-qualified locksmith is at your service. We are always interested in helping you with your locking problems.