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Modern Types of Auto Key
Modern Types of Auto Key

Modern Types of Auto Key

Modern Types of Auto Key

Car security, access, and ignition have witnessed massive transformations during the past decades. This is because of the increasing cases of theft even in highly secure neighborhoods. The only remedy most times is to have direct access to a locksmith for security system reconfiguration when there is a burglary attempt.

However, we will give you an overview of the different modern types of auto keys in this article.

Key Fobs

Over the years, key fobs have gained popularity among car drivers, however, they can be traced back several decades. 

Nowadays, you don’t even need to open or start your car manually; you just have to be within a certain range for the doors to open and ignition start! How does it work? 

Most modern vehicles have a specially equipped receiver, and keys come with an identical transmitter. When you press the button, the key sends a coded signal, which locks the door, or unlocks the door.

Because of its advanced technology, it should be handled with care. Limit its contact with moisture, extreme temperatures, or direct sunlight. Plus, you should be aware that the batteries could run down at any time, so you'll need to replace them at some point.

Transponder Car Key

They look like regular mechanical switches but have a plastic casing on the top and are a combination of both. At the ignition, the fob transmits a coded signal to start the car. Another feature is the rolling code, which sends a different signal whenever the car is in use.

Just like the key fobs, the same precautions apply here: safeguard your key fob from moisture and heat, and never store it next to objects that could harm it.

Smart Keys

Proximity keys that are part of the keyless main system provide great benefits when it comes to security and convenience for drivers worldwide. Like fob keys, the entries have a low-frequency signal that your car can pick up. When you are near the vehicle and press the key, the locks automatically unlock without any need to press any button. 

Yet, when the key is out of this range, the car locks itself. These cars with keyless entry systems usually have a rather simple button or dial to start the car.

Master Keys

The early cars were designed with master keys that could be used for either duplication or replacement purposes. But these types of keys have phased away.

Mechanical Keys

The manually operated car keys are the more traditional kind of vehicle keys. Commonly called standard car keys, they are available in older cars that do not have complex security features. These keys can be manufactured using any metal-cutting equipment. But that’s a price you pay for their simplicity, as they are not the most secure. They consist mainly of metal and are produced by printing the letters on blanks.

Do you Need an Upgrade to your Car Ignition or Security System?

All car keys have benefits and were designed to endure for quite a long time. Regardless, they may get damaged, lost, or stolen. At this point, you need a professional locksmith from a reliable company like QuickPro Locksmith. Call us to get an experienced locksmith to look into your car ignition and security issues.