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Top 5 Hard-to-Open Door Locks
Top 5 Hard-to-Open Door Locks

Top 5 Hard-to-Open Door Locks

Top 5 Hard-to-Open Door Locks

It seems access to your car is denied and you are getting raged. Then, the urge to forcefully unlock the door also becomes intense. However, before you act uncivilly, you may have to be sure of the type of lock.

Some locks have features that make them practically impossible to pick or bypass by even a master lock manipulator.

While no lock is tamper-proof, some products provide much stronger resistance than others. Here's a rundown of five of the most hard-to-open door locks:

The Medeco Biaxial Cam Deadbolt

The lock, with Tier-1 security features, is developed in a way that it is almost impossible to pick, and has two independent pin-sets for their rotation. It is a complex inner structure coated over, one for which the person who will unlock it needs specialist tools and expertise. Want to bypass the Medeco deadbolt yourself? Then, you need the help of a locksmith.

The "Guardian" Rim Cylinder Deadbolt

This lever handle style lock also has two distinct functions: a regular door knob and a deadbolt built into one. Trying to pick the knob or handle won't get you anywhere, you will still face a 2-level security obstruction. To avoid frustration, it is recommended that you call a locksmith.

The "Tricky Ten" Lock

This tumbler is a pioneer of the art of trickery, embedding a complicated design with many moving parts. It's more of a puzzle than a pick and people without the right training should not try to unlock it without help. 

The "High-Tech" Lock

In a period when smart homes and interconnected gadgets are the order of the day, a “High-Tech” lock is an outstanding security device. This lock has features like a fingerprint scanner, Bluetooth, and remote control to ensure maximum resistance against illegal entry. Still, its detailed structure and smart configuration could be a real problem for people who don’t have proper technical skills.

The “Vintage” Lock

Don’t underestimate the subtle allure of the “Vintage” lock – there is a reason why it is called a “Vintage” lock. The complex design of this lock works perfectly every time but demands a gentle touch and an extra but deep understanding of classic lock mechanisms. Each “Vintage” lock has its own set of unique quirks, which makes it a puzzle that requires both time and patience to be solved.

A Cautionary Note

Anyone can desire to get through the locks during a lockout but don't forget that the process could cause more damage and lead to legal consequences as well. The suitable approach? Call a professional locksmith. They are skilled personnel with the right equipment and experience to get in and out of your locked door, causing minimal damage and allowing for swift and secure re-entry.

Wrapping Up

It can be annoying when your lock become troublesome, or if you have to deal with an extremely complex lock. Issues like these always happen when you don't expect them at all.

Yet, there is no need to be stressed because the lock can be opened with some knowledge and a proper approach. If you need a dependable locksmith to handle all your lock-related challenges QuickPro Locksmiths is the one to call.

Do you have additional questions, or do you need lock replacement services? Then, contact us as soon as possible.