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Can a Master Key Be Duplicated?
Can a Master Key Be Duplicated?

Can a Master Key Be Duplicated?

Can a Master Key Be Duplicated?

Company owners and top executives need unrestricted access to any part of the office apartment or building. This is to ensure they handle valuables and highly confidential assets without constraints.

Though master keys are reliable for offices and multi-occupancy buildings, one may need to know whether they can be duplicated.

We will dive into the possibilities in this article – keep reading.

What are Master Key Systems?

The master key is a specialized type of key designed to unlock all the locks in the system. 

Most times they are needed in large retail stores, corporate headquarters, or businesses with multiple entryways and rooms.

Who Is In Charge Of The Master Key?

The person holding the master key is different in every company. e.g. in a hotel, the head of maintenance usually carries a master key to open all doors.

In companies, the keys are one more feature that distinguishes managers from employees: managers usually get master keys that open all doors, while employees with sub-master keys have the right to access certain areas to do cleaning, for example. Every master key system necessarily involves a person responsible for the use of the master key and who will be using it per the company's requirements.

When Master Keys Duplication is Required

  • Lost or Stolen Key: 

In a scenario of a lost or stolen master key, duplication will still work but the system's security will not be compromised.

  • New Staff: 

The master key system is made use of when a new employee is given access to certain areas secured with the master key system. For that, the duplicate key is provided.

  • System Expansion: 

With additional usage of master key systems, a key duplication for competent staff members is required to have uncontrolled access.

The Security Risks of Master Keys

The capability of duplication of master keys has an advantage as well as a disadvantage. On one hand, it guarantees a safety system that becomes crucial if the original is lost or destroyed.

However, it makes the security issues more critical as they are not well tackled. The companies need to create and execute stringent protocols to prevent the duplication of the master keys to secure their system.

Security Measures that must be Implemented

Locksmiths dealing with master key systems typically adhere to:

  • Stringent Security Procedures: 

They ask for valid identification and authorization before they duplicate a new master key.

  • Documentation: 

They maintain a database of people who request and utilize duplicate master keys.

  • Specialized Key Blanks: 

They have master key blanks customized to fit the master key system, and this is also an additional protection from unauthorized duplication.

Need for Master Keys in your Organization?

Duplication of a master key is achievable, but direct physical access could be restricted. However, the production of master key duplication systems is under careful control to make sure that their security cannot be compromised.

Therefore, it is better to hire certified locksmiths and stay updated in terms of the master key system. If you need master key installation or configuration in your office, the locksmiths at Quickpro Locksmith are available to help. We can also deal with other key replacement needs.