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Types of Car Keys
Types of Car Keys

Types of Car Keys

Types of Car Keys

A wide range of car keys exist in the present era, and car owners must be aware of this, especially when they want to change their car keys. Changing car keys may result from misplacement of original key, breakage of a key inside ignition, loss or theft, and misfunctioning transponder. Understanding and distinguishing between one type of car key from others can make replacement a lot easier. Whatever the reason for your key issues, you can rely on expert technicians from QuickPro Locksmith to handle them. The following are the main types of keys around today;

Traditional Basic Keys

These are the oldest mechanically produced keys through cutting, punching or other traditional methods. They can be designed to match any key lobe and they can be easy to copy hence they are the least safe car keys around. You can install security alarms to this type of key to make it safer. 

The Remote Key

These are much more difficult to copy hence they are more secure than traditional keys. These keys can control the lock and ignition remotely. They come with toggles on the key fob, making them look like transponder keys. In order to make a copy of a remote car key, you need to hire a locksmith technician for coding. 

Transponder Keys

The demand for transponder keys is increasing daily. The transponder key comes with microchips that work as vehicle immobilizer. Once the ignition is turned on, the chips will be disarmed. Transponder keys must be programmed because they work with codes that are only unique or peculiar to a car. Transponder keys come with electronic transmitters referred to as fobs since transponder keys are not mechanically designed, they are very difficult to copy, making them very safe. To reprogram transponder keys, a locksmith will have to retrieve the matched codes from the car’s manufacturer’s database. 

Laser Cut Keys

They are quite similar to the mechanically cut keys but they come with improved security features. Laser keys come with ridges, styles, and shapes that make them very difficult to duplicate. A locksmith technician will have to rely on the use of a special laser key cutting machine to duplicate a laser key. The incises and frame sides of a laser key must be cut precisely to make the copied key work. 

Master key

The master keys are becoming rare these days, but back in the days, they were used by car dealerships to make copies of damaged, lost or stolen car keys. The master keys used today involves the use of codes thus making master keys to be scarce. Misplacing master keys today means the entire engine management system must be replaced. 

The Valet keys 

These keys are used in restricting access to any car, thus providing comfort and safety of the car for the owner. Valet keys can be described as prototypes of complex key sets but they are easy to copy by a locksmith. 

Keys can be very complicated to replace when they get damaged or lost, this is the reason why you should contact our certified locksmith at QuickPro Locksmith for your car key issues.