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Ways to Maintain Door Locks
Ways to Maintain Door Locks

Ways to Maintain Door Locks

Ways to Maintain Door Locks

Doors are integral parts of our lives. We use them to secure our closet, rooms, and offices. We use doors every day but sometimes forget how critical they are.

Like with every other mechanic device, door locks require maintenance. Timely maintenance of door locks keeps them operational for a long time. However, some homeowners don't have ideas on the right practices and ways to maintain door locks.

QuickPro Locksmith is an expert in this area and has brought you useful tips to help keep your door locks functioning optimally. 

Install door locks appropriately

This is the first thing to check. Your locks will last longer if they have been correctly installed.  

One way to be sure of this is to check the deadbolt. If installed correctly, it should move freely. You don't need to wrangle every time to secure the deadbolt. If this is the case, it's a sure sign of poorly done installation.

Clean the lock regularly

Like most mechanical parts; door locks need to be cleaned up regularly. Door locks collect dirt with time. You want to have a schedule for cleaning up your door locks regularly.

Once in a few months, clean up door locks. It will prevent build up of grime and dirt which cause locks to jam. 

Avoid the use of force

One of the leading causes of door lock failure is the use of force. 

If you have to use force to insert the key, it's often a sign of door lock failure. This will usually be caused by door leaf loosening. In this case, it's better to call for the service of a local experienced locksmith as trying to force your way through might lead to more damage. 

Also, faceplates and keyholes quickly wear out, especially when used frequently. All the more reason to carefully insert the key into the lock 

Avoid slamming doors 

Many users slam doors when in haste. If this practice continues, over time, the door lock wears out and would need replacing. It's always safer to lock doors carefully. 

Setting up a swing can help prevent doors from slamming as they are built to ensure that the door locks slowly. 

Lubricate locks frequently

Door locks need to be lubricated regularly. When done correctly, lubricating locks will reduce the chances of wear and jamming. 

QuickPro Locksmith recommends the use of dry lubricants over oil-based grease as the later could thicken over time inside the lock which would increase chances of failure. 

Also, grease attracts dirt and dust particles which could wear the lock overtime. 

Duplicate original keys

Using keys frequently will mostly cause them to wear out before the locks. It is safer to have duplicate keys made by a professional locksmith to ensure you don't get locked out of your house or office.

Do you need to maintain or replace your door lock? QuickPro Locksmith can handle the job to perfection. Boasting several years of experience under our belt, we are capable of handling every lock issues, including installation, maintenance, rekeying, and replacement.