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Types Of Door Locks
Types Of Door Locks

Types Of Door Locks

Types Of Door Locks

Locks are essential in keeping our properties safe. They come in different types, designs quality. Knowing the different types of locks will help you make an intelligent decision when changing or improving your home security.

So, whether you are a homeowner deciding on your home’s locks or a locksmith brushing up your knowledge, you should know the popular types before making any significant decisions.

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Knob Lock 

Knob Lock is a popular type of lock used in most residential apartments. Its mechanics is stored in the knob itself and can be easily compromised by breaking off the knob. Therefore, it isn’t advisable to use knob locks on front doors or vital rooms in your home.

Instead, you can use knob locks for inside doors or add an extra layer of security if you must use them for your front and back doors.


Deadbolts are also popular among security conscious individuals. They are used as an extra layer of security or sometimes the primary lock in most homes. This is due to its secure mechanism. Unlike the standard string-loaded lock that can be picked easily by even an amateur burglar, a deadbolt lock uses a more rigid mechanism that is almost immune to picking. Deadbolt locks are perfect for protecting your front and back doors or can serve as an extra layer of security for your primary locks.

Mortise Locks   

This type of lock consists of a cylindrical body made up of knobs or levers. The mechanism is usually inserted into the door, meaning you’d have to cut out a rectangular shape on the door to fit the lock. Mortise locks are generally safe, and the mechanism is made from a cam and screw, giving it an extra layer of security.


Padlocks are movable locks and do not require any attachment to the door to function. It comprises a shackle-like loop and a solid square metal that houses the mechanism. Padlocks have different types, keyed, and combinations, each providing convenience, and security. You should go for a combination padlock for higher convenience and security. However, a padlock can easily be compromised by cutting the shackle with a bolt cutter, but the latest padlocks' shackle-like loops are studier, making them hard to cut.

Electronic and Smart Locks 

Electronic locks use one of these mechanisms but don’t require a key for access. Instead, they use a physical keypad or biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition. Also, they provide more security features like access log records, individual-specific access grants, and restrictions.

Contact a Professional for your Lock Installation and Replacement

There are various locks in the market, and knowing the right lock for your home can significantly impact overall security. If you are confused about the type of lock to get, or want a door lock repair or installation, feel free to contact the QuickPro Locksmith.