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Where to Hide a Spare Key
Where to Hide a Spare Key

Where to Hide a Spare Key

Where to Hide a Spare Key

Normally, there would not be a need for a spare key as we should be remembering where we last put our keys. Unfortunately, this is not the case and most people use spare keys frequently. The question that everyone is thinking about is where to put the spare keys. This has started to become a complicated question. These hiding spots aren’t as effective as they used to be. The reason for this is when there are so many break-ins, burglars easily predict where your spare key will be. For homes, most people place their spare keys under their floor mat. The chances of this hiding spot working has dropped as it is extremely predictable.

In this blog post, our professionals from QuickPro Locksmith will explain where to hide your spare keys.


Losing a key isn’t something that happens often to a person, but you need to be ready for when it happens. Like we said, hiding your spare key under your doormat is ineffective and does not work like it used to. For this reason, it is time for you to improvise. A way to hide your key is to use a fake rock. You can hide this with your other rocks to blend it in. Although it is a good idea, it may be easy to spot.

Another way to combat this is to use a real rock. It will be harder to spot as it is a real rock in a pile of rocks. You can tape your key on the back of the rock you pick and put it back in place. If you are worried about forgetting which rock you picked, then there is a solution for that too. You can decorate the rocks to remember which one you picked. If you want another way, then you can write your postal code on a selection of rocks and include the rock with your key in the code.


When it comes to apartments, hiding gets a little tricky. As there aren’t many ways to hide your key, you’ll have to rely on decorations. A smart way to hide it is using a wind chime on your door. As it is an unpredictable area to place your key, you can count on it as a hiding spot.


There are a few areas to hide a key in a car. You can start with placing the key on the tire while the vehicle is stationary. That is a common area to place the key, so another area can be by lifting the plastic cover under the car and placing the key there.


Having a safe in your home means you most likely will hide the key in your home too. Since your home is the place you know the most, use it to your advantage and hide the key in unpredictable areas. This can be behind shelves, in books, under the carpet, and etc. It is important to pick the best place possible for your key as your safe can have a lot of items of value in it.

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