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Valuable Basic Home Security Tips 
Valuable Basic Home Security Tips 

Valuable Basic Home Security Tips 

Valuable Basic Home Security Tips 

When you hear of home security, what comes to your mind? Of course, keeping your home safe involves taking into consideration different practices and beefing up the security system against rampaging criminals.

You should know that nobody is immune to criminal attacks, as they can invade your home anytime. So how do you ensure your home is protected? QuickPro Locksmith lists valuable home security tips you can follow. These security measures will help keep you and your family safe.

Use High-Quality Door Locks

There are different door locks of varying quality to secure your home. Over time, burglars have devised dubious means to manipulate the locking mechanism of most locks old-fashioned locks. Therefore, installing locks with updated technology that is difficult to bypass would benefit you. To make things easier, get a residential locksmith in Forest Park to update your current locks to a higher quality.

Always Keep Windows Close and Secure

Besides using updated locks to secure your door, leaving your window open or unsecured will not do you any good. If you have a lock on your window, remember to lock them before leaving home. During the summer season, people like to leave their windows open. This is a security risk as burglars can access your home through an open window.

External Door Security Assessment 

Another major entrance point for thieves is the external doors. Ensure that your doors are in good shape. Also, check the quality of the deadbolts and ensure you purchase products made with durable material that won't get damaged easily by burglars. Examine all the screws on the door, and if you find anyone falling out, let your trusted locksmith fix them.

Hide Your Valuables

One of the mistakes homeowners make is unknowingly leaving unnecessary hints about expensive items in their houses. Every valuable thing of worth, like jewelry, expensive gadgets, etc., should not be in the public eye. When you carelessly leave valuable properties in sight, you invite criminals to your house.

Install CCTV Cameras

One of the security measures to help you catch criminals is the security cameras. From the camera footage, the police could get valuable information for their investigation. However, you can view all activities on your phone. Whether you are there or not, your camera offers passive home security, and burglars will usually avoid houses with a CCTV camera.

Set up a Smart Access Control

Smart homes are becoming the new trend in how people secure their homes. The technology provides security using cameras, contact sensors, and automatic call dialers. They are easier to install now, and you should consider upgrading to a smart home. With Smart security systems, you can remotely monitor the door locks, vacuums, light bulbs, etc., without being there from your smartphone.


You and your family need maximum protection. Therefore, incorporating these security tips will give you peace of mind as well as make your home more secure. For all your residential locksmith needs, be assured we are always available to help. Do not hesitate to call QuickPro Locksmith.