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The Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Lock
The Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Lock

The Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Lock

The Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Lock

If you are thinking of contacting a locksmith for a lock replacement anytime, consider installing deadbolt locks. They come with numerous benefits.

A deadbolt lock will secure your door more and protect it from kick-ins, picking, pushing, etc. All you need to do is keep reading to discover what deadbolt locks are, the types you can purchase, and their benefits. 

What is a Deadbolt Lock, and How Does Deadbolt Work?

A deadbolt lock is a locking mechanism designed with a hardened metal bolt that extends into the door frame. This type of lock uses a key or thumb turn to grant access. You need a deadbolt to protect your home. They are resilient and can withstand forceful pushing and pulling.

The word "dead" means the bolt extending into the door frame is thick and difficult to physically separate from the door frame without a key or a thumb turn.

Types of Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are a popular locking device, and thankfully, they come in various types, which means more options for the user. Consider the three major types of deadbolts below:

  • The Single Cylinder Deadbolt: It uses the thumb mechanism on the inside while it is keyed on the outside
  • The Double Cylinder: It has a key cylinder both on the inside and outside
  • Keyless Deadbolt: They are electronic locks like smart locks and keypad locks

Benefits of Deadbolt Locks

Installing deadbolts is one of the most effective security devices to protect your home. They have been known for their high resistance to brute force and impact. So if you need one, your local locksmith can help do the job.


The word "durability" describes deadbolts a great deal, and this is because of the hardened steel material used to make them. The strike plate is screwed perfectly in place to help protect the door frame from criminal break-ins. 

Due to how sturdy and solid deadbolts are, it will take time to break them successfully. Criminals usually avoid this lock because it is difficult to break, and its noise can get them caught. 

Affordable Lock Option 

The cost of getting good security for your property can be high as security solutions are pretty expensive. However, deadbolt locks not only provide high-quality protection but are affordable. 

Difficult to Pick 

Doors with deadbolt locks are highly secure and difficult to pick. They can withstand picking, even with a knife or a crowbar. A deadbolt lock is unlike the traditional lock. You can quickly try to unlock a traditional key using a credit card when you lose the door key. However, the locking mechanism of the deadbolt does not permit such action. 

Wrapping Up

You have seen the benefits of having deadbolt locks on your doors. Installing them brings peace of mind because of the level of security they provide. Plus, they are affordable. If you want to install a security door lock on your property or need lock replacement services, we are here at QuickPro Locksmith to help. Call us today to discuss your deadbolt lock installation needs, and we will be ready to assist.