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Ways To Maintain Door Lock Longevity
Ways To Maintain Door Lock Longevity

Ways To Maintain Door Lock Longevity

Ways To Maintain Door Lock Longevity

Security is paramount for our peace of mind but some people undervalue its necessity. Even after proper door lock installation, they require occasional maintenance to continue working properly.

Therefore, irrespective of the lock type, following these tips put together by QuickPro Locksmith, you will always ensure your door lock longevity.

Invest in Quality Locks to Improve Longevity

Think about spending money on good locks with a high-security rating. Grade 1 locks tend to be the fairest of all options when it comes to residential security, having shown themselves capable of offering quality protection.

Although they may be slightly more expensive, the security and longevity that come with them are all worth it. Locks of high quality are less likely to wear and not susceptible to the issues with tampering.

Ensure Your Door Is Properly Aligned

Having a door not properly aligned tends to rapidly burn out the lock mechanisms. Poorly installed doors also lead to poor functioning of locks and possible latch shear, and strike plate cracking among other costly damages to your doors. Ensure that the gap between the door and frame opens properly.

Make Duplicate Keys

Keys deteriorate much quicker than locks. The most effective method to preserve your keys is by having copies made for each of them. A damaged key can cause you to have a new lock but if one has few spare keys this would not be the case because these help them last longer.

Keep Your Locks Clean Regularly

Homeowners need to ensure they clean door locks regularly which is only possible when a routine cleaning schedule has been established. On days of operations and as they come in contact with different elements, door locks gather dust and dirt and thus become grimy.

Frequent failure to clean locks will bring about dirt buildup that can lead them to seize up or stick.

Use the Correct Key

You should use a key that cannot exceed one size above the door lock. Using an oversized key will wear out the lock pins, and worse, it might break.

Handle Your Doors with Care

Since the main purpose of doors and locks is to be tough and strong enough to hold up over time, careful handling can prolong their longevity i.e. replacement or repair might be delayed. Do not bang doors, or jam keys into the lock with force or turn-key so hard while in the lock. These can create problems and with time reduce the lifespan of doors and locks.

Schedule Regular Lock Service

Other than these maintenance actions, it is also necessary to have locks serviced by locksmiths. Have scheduled regular service visitations with a local locksmith and consider an emergency case of hiring a locksmith when your locks fail.


Lock maintenance is of great importance for your security. Failing to attend to it can render them susceptible to criminals.

However, in case of lock or key issues, get in touch with QuickPro Locksmith. We are a licensed professional locksmith company with a skilled workforce equipped to match our client’s needs. Contact us today and enjoy reliable service with satisfaction guaranteed. Require door lock installation nearby? Reach out to our locksmith team for immediate help.