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What Should You Do After a Break-in? 
What Should You Do After a Break-in? 

What Should You Do After a Break-in? 

What Should You Do After a Break-in? 

Your house is a sacred place and a source of relaxation. The structure acts as a resistance from the outside world. Still, when a house is broken into, it is not only the windows and doors that become subjects of the attack. The homeowner and every other occupant could experience fear, anger, and be traumatized.

Your actions are quite understandable in such a situation. However, you should know that recovery happens when you stand up and do what has to be done to restore your confidence and get back your lost items. 

No need to panic when you are a victim. Here are some of the smartest actions to take. But before we proceed, you have to depend on QuickPro Locksmith for high-security lock installation and restoration after experiencing a break-in. Note that we are on a mission to bring security and peace to homeowners by offering our services and assistance.

Wait at a Secure Location

Search for a neighbor’s house to take shelter or stay in the car till the cops arrive. Mark the license plate and the appearance of any unknown person. Anything that looks abnormal or out of the ordinary should be documented.

Call 911

Most burglars will run away when they notice the presence of individuals in the house. The more experienced and desperate ones could pose a danger to your family. In this case, instantly dial 911. 

Clean Up

Fix anything that broke. This begins with the changing of doors, windows, and locks, and then the theft-prone items should be replaced. There might be more things to do, such as retouching the walls or furniture shifting.

Replace Locks

After a break-in, it is wise to destroy all locks and get new ones. We recommend deadbolts and high-security locks. After this, the feeling of security should be restored in your household. Therefore, more resources should be invested in this. Get ready to involve a locksmith to replace your locks.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Instantly, inform your insurance provider so they can walk you through the claims filing process. Include all evidence such as CCTV footage and photographs, and a list of the missing items. The insurance company may ask for purchase receipts of the stolen items. Look for the property receipt or a log, and provide time-stamped images and, if available, photos to document the missing items.

Prevent another Incident

As part of the recovery process, take steps to minimize any occurrence. Once you pay more attention to increasing security measures at home, it can serve as the starting point toward recovery. By implementing proper security measures, you will feel more reassured and safe.

We are Available to Help

Break-in is a situation of great emotional tension. It may lead to severe outcomes, including post-traumatic stress disorder. 

However, if you are a victim remember you're not alone. It is our team’s goal to be your trusted ally as well as offer high-security lock installation. Contact our locksmith team to get more specific information about how you can access more locksmith services